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Tuyen tap tho cham bien cua Bich Quang

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Man of Suffering Shares His Light with the World

Two New Books Reveal One Man’s True Experiences as Immigrant, Artist and Political prisoner

Redwood City, California- Those who dare to take a stand and act on their beliefs often find themselves in a lonely place, subjected to ridicule and persecution. Bright has traveled that road for most of his life, from his war-torn homeland of Vietnam to the shores of America. He shares his remarkable story and unique views on life in two books: Road to the United States Part I and Part 2 (both available through Authorhouse).

“I have forgiven others often, but I have never forgiven myself,” writes Quang. His books chronicle more than 50 years of hardships suffered as a result of war and hated of others. At the same time, they deliver thought-provoking ideological views and predictions of a future America that Quang has gathered from his observations of political, economic and sociological factors in a rapidly changing world.

Quang relates his early education and artistic training, and mixed with these anecdotes are horrifying accounts of his family’s brush with communist spies and his own experience as a political prisoner. After living in Saigon in the 1980 s, Quang “inched toward escape,” eventually making his way to the United States. Along the way, he recorded his observations and distilled these into stories and poetry.

The concluding chapters of this two-part series address his decision to come to the United States and the opportunities and future struggles he faced. Quang also includes and analysis of many facets of American life and predictions for the fate of the country.

Historical background, social and political analysis and guidelines on how to live a virtuous life all await readers’ discovery in two intriguing books: Road to the Unites States part I and Part 2.

Bright Quang is the pen name for Nguyen Xuan Quang. Born in Quang Ngai City, Vietnam, he immigrated to America in 1993 under the Humanitarian Operation program. He graduated from Hue College of Arts in Hue City, Vietnam, and later, from the University of Police in Saigon. He earned an associate’s degree in art at Canada College in Redwood City, Calif., and a bachelor’s degree from California State University in Hayward. An award-winning poet and artist, he has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States. He has previously published books in both English and Vietnamese, and the titles include Poetry & Art, My Innermost Song, Dinosaur Love and My Torch (available through AuthorHouse). Quang currently lives in Redwood City.

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Elizabeth H. House reviewed books
Road to United States of America chronicles moments of his experience, combining personal anecdotes with an investigation of patriotism as a concept. Following his idea of “ three ways of learning: seeing much, suffering much, and studying much,” Bright Quang recounts his impressions of range of positions, from “a lieutenant of South Vietnam government and a Vietnamese artist” to a student at California State University. Along the way Bright Quang draws upon an understanding of political, economic, and sociological factors that may have underscored roughly the latter half of the twentieth century and beyond.
In 1959, Bright graduated elementary school and quickly transferred to high school in Quang Ngai City, typically walking about fifteen miles each way until his brother donated his bike to Bright. A degree of turmoil emerging in Vietnam begins to touch Bright Quang’s family and one night during dinner his father tells about “a network of the Vietnamese Communist spies.” “His relationship with Perfume and his educational goal.” Stood in jeopardy of being “interrupted by the unreasonable war.” Bright decided to transfer to Hue College of Arts to study in art. Along the way Bright met Mercury, who offered to share room, to her rental.
In 1973, the American and Korean soldiers gathered all of the villagers living in the Communist military supervision, including Bright’s mother, relatives and friends, sending them to the free area of South Vietnam. As the work progresses, Bright relates a series of encounters, some of which test his level of resolve in one-way or another. At one point while Bright was leaving the war zone, went hiking in the mountains and encountered an infantry Division of the new Vietnamese revolution…and the vanguard company arrested Bright. Bright met their leader and told him, “I now am seeking freedom because I could not live together with the cruel Vietnamese Communist government which was an unjust cause.” He apparently aided Bright to seek the sail of refuge, providing a boat and he said, “Before your face is Malaysia, on your right is Thailand, and left is Singapore.”
In 1980, Bright lived in Saigon for a time, worked as a sculptor. As Bright inched toward escape, reviewed public opinion, often filtered his responses into his poems and stories.
The concluding chapters of his “Road to the United States of America” describe his decision to leave Vietnam in 1993, largely spurred by a goal “to gain freedom of speech, thoughts, and to recapture a dream.” Later Bright analyzes various facets of American society, from morality to factors that may have underscored participation in the World War II. As a Vietnamese sculptor, poet, and ex-political prisoner of conscience, Bright provides a potentially and often-candid glimpse at the concept of America. Overall his offering is designed to communicate points of his own journey as express an interest in a related topic.

“My Torch” presents a collection of thoughts exploring the layers of emotion sometimes defining the human condition, particularly in regard to what many be viewed as difficult circumstances. Having “saved” your work by apparently burying it during a “six-year concentration camp incarnation,” You consider the people and ideas that may have influenced your “my perspective in one way or another. Along the way you highlight qualities relating to identity, belief, and love in various forms.
Several selections incorporate a spiritual approach. For example, I Love Sunlight,” “A Gull’s Friend,” and “The Helpless Life” refer to elements of nature as if to place the individual within a relatively broader context of being. Other entries such a “The Fire of Love” and A Night of Lovesickness” delve into the feeling usually associated with romance. Turning to slightly more public matters, “A Homeless Child” and Dreaming of Peace” draw upon personal notions of social responsibility, patriotism, and democracy. Aspects of your experience inform much of the text, with pieces including,” Saigon at Night, “My Countrymen,” and Ten years of Tribulation,” suggesting how a person’s sense of self might occur as a function of place, vocation, or human interaction. Later, “I’m a Sculptor” hinges on a similar theme:

In Heaven’s own light the sculptor shone
I catch that angle vision.
Sculptor of life is I, as I stand
With my life uncovers before me
Waiting for the hour when, at God’s command
My life dreams passed over me…


The author would like to extend grateful thanks to James Petrillo, Director of the Multimedia Graduate Program, Dr. Craig Wilson, Dickson Schneider, Mark Boguski, Lanier Graham, Anne Wolf, Laura Nelson, Roshelle Nameroff, Kirk Leclaire, Sally Richardson, Marina Sapozhnikov, Cynthia Andrzejczyk, Editorial Assistance by Jan Lerman, and the Director of the English Department at California State University, Hayward who played a key role in suggesting to the author that he create this book.
The author would also like to thank Professor Betty J. Cornell at San José State University, Professor Jerry Decamp at the University of California, Davis, Ruth Talovich, Editor of NguoiViet Newspaper in Westminster, California, and Mr. David Hahn, Director of the McHugh Reading and Curriculum Resource Center at California State University, Hayward, for their counsel and encouragement.
The author would highly like to thank Dr. Linda Klieman at Stanford University in California, Janine Kagle, Lindsey Daskolos, Sinia Borg,Hiroko Uehara, Mijuki Fujshashi, and the Library Center in Redwood City.
Special thanks are due to members of the Sculptor’s Guild in Belmont and the Hayward Arts Council in Hayward, California for advising the author to pursue writing the book.
Bright Quang Find Friends

by Bright Quang on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 6:56am
That’s why; I would like to request you and Human Rights Action Center for helping me, because I am honest, innocent of Vietnamese American writer, art and poet without power and weapon on my hands. When I am living on modern country, I am the best citizen of the United States of America. Therefore, my pen uses for creating the books and my brushes have been drawing pieces of artwork, landscapes and portraits. And therefore, I have learned by heart of The First Ten Amendments to the Constitution, to follow Amendment I has declared, “Congress shall make no law respecting and establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Significantly, I always hold on Amendment I firmly in my heart, soul and mind, because I’d think of Amendment I that looks like the greatest wall that protect for my weak life when I have took an oath under our American Flag that I am loyal and patriotic to my second country’s the United States of America. For example, I do not like any human rights one way in order to trample the weakest down, because sometimes, my ideology has been submitted for Human Right Center in the united States of America, but it always denied my letters, and therefore; I would like to submit my opinions to you in order to help me seek the American justice.
First of all, on November 30, 2007 I have got an accident when I have got out of my son’s house in order to pick up the mails. That day I have been creating for the story book, I have ever considered the outdoor that has a little rain before when the rain has made the step door wetting. So, I have stepped down on the step door, I have fallen when my head is hurtful.
Moreover, I’d think well without problem. But after one week has gone, I have a little fever on November 7, 2007. And then, my daughter has brought me emergency in San Mateo Hospital Center. There has x-ray my head, and it has told me that the injury of my head. So, my doctor who is Howard Belfer, MD, he does not give me drive any car for one year that day is from on February22, 2008 to January 1, 2009. Since, I have been giving ear to him for one year and I have ever had violation the traffic of California law and the United States of America law. After one year has gone, he has given me drive a car after he has examination test my memories while treatment has never gave me any medicines of head trauma.
In the meanwhile, I have reported my case to Department of Motor Vehicle of State of California in order to recapture my driver license let me find the job and help for my wife, my family and my grandchildren, because they could need me help them.
Next, Department of Motor vehicle of State of California who is Barbara Schmidt, she has handed out the DMV of Driver medical Evaluation me, so my doctor Howard Belfer has given me drive car, I have sent this to her office in 1377 Fell St, 2nd floor in San Francisco. But after three months have gone, I have never had received any letter from her. I have called to ask for there many times when there has order me re-send another Driver Medical Evaluation, because there has told that has never received my mail.
Luckily, I have held in the copy and sent it to there. She has sent a letter to me in order to meet her worker who is Jack Chahal. I have got there on time that is 9:45 AM. I have seen her, but she is reading newspapers and listing to music. She has never considered my case. After thirty minutes have gone, she has order me wait for her. After approximately thirty minutes, she is speaking with her voice is Indian English language when she asks “reject” yes or no. I was confused. After that, she has told me the time is done and given me Notice of Findings and decision that within three things:
She has decision me a mental condition. Second is your privilege to operate a motor vehicle is withdrawn effective March 22, 2008 and third is you may request a court review of action by writing a writ of mandate in the superior court in your county of residence within 94 days from the date show below under the authority of vehicle code Section 14401.
As a result, I have come to Superior Court of the State of California in San Mateo, so it has given me the form and told me write in. But it has asked me what did you violate the Traffic law? I answered, Dear, No, I did not. It asks again why you need a writ of mandate. Dear Sir, because I follow the order of Department of Motor Vehicles, it has given an order me. When it has sent the result to and saying: The Decision on Your Case
The Following reports were used to decide your claim: Howard Belfer, MD report received 01/22/2009 Jeanette Aviles, MD report received 01/23/2009 Bay view Medical clinic report received 03/27/2009 International Language connect-report received 03/09/2009 Besides, Social Security Administration has been ordering me to testing exams of my head trauma. After the testing exams have been done, its decision of my head trauma is good without mental condition. Because those months of my life are unemployment, it has given me the benefit of unemployment.
For instance, on September 25, 2009 I have written in the form of a writ of mandate and submitted it to the court when I have been waiting for courtroom. But I have ever received any court orders, I have come to the court on December of 2009 in order to request the courtroom day. I have remembered the worker who told me the end year does not have any scheduled day. So, it has given me on January 8, 2010. That day it has never judged my case when I was staying in courtroom. The policeman in courtroom has given me the telephone number is (650)361-8300, but unsaying any more. So I do not know where telephone has office, because I have called there more time, but it has told to leave the message. I have made an appointment to meet the lawyer. After that, it has sent me to meet lawyer on January 22, 2010. After interviewing me, the lawyer Savas J.Loukedis has called to Department of Motor Vehicles. Then, he told me that Department of Motor Vehicles was mistaken in your case and he has suggested me appellate jurisdiction is within the 60 days. However, I would like to ask about the legal fees, so he has told me that the cost is 2,000.00 dollars. I would say with him that I am unable to pay this cost, because I do not violate any traffic laws. When my Doctor Howard Belfer, MD does not give me drive any car, he is against me to drive car. Then I have listened to him and I do not violate any criminal traffic law of State of California. When my doctor gives me drive car, because he has thought of my head trauma well and I have submitted the Driver Medical Evaluation by Department of Motor vehicles him. I have authorized driving car, but I should follow the procedures of Department of Motor Vehicles, I would not drive in myself. Because I have ever had implicated to the laws, I would manifest firm to determination of driving bylaw of the car. In fact, these times Department of Motor vehicles have ordered me to get a written test, so I have passed this test and it has ordered me to get the driver test, I have passed the test within one mistaken. So since, the requested test of Department of Motor vehicle should need the eighty percentages that is “to pass, you must have no marks in the CRITICAL ERROR section, and no more than 20 errors marked for Scoring Maneuvers.” As the evaluation result is not to have number of errors, he has marked this “DQ”, because the driver safety does not have any marks of errors. I would ask for lawyer and say, “If you help me, you would request to Department of Motor Vehicles that could pay this cost to you, because I have ever had violated criminal traffic law and why do I pay the judgment fee you.” He answered and said, “No, I do not. He does not agree with my requesting, but he has given his receipt, which is the thirty dollars me that I refer my case with him.
In my opinion, I am trampled on the right of my personal liberty, trampled down my human dignity; I am discriminated race and violated human rights by Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety manager I, in 1377 Fell Street, 2nd Floor in San Francisco, CA 94117.
In fact, the Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety manager does not only understand the California laws of traffic than me but also realizes about human rights, freedom, dignity and honor of the Californian and American people when she has tried to trample down my own life. Accordingly, after driving test has done, she has ordered me to meet her in her office on March 16, 2010. When she has performed the rule that needs the 80%, she gave passed the driver test. Then, she forgot “A bad beginning makes a good ending.” Because she has been carrying out the traffic laws, she did not give me re-driver test that is the same as all of the Californian drivers. Since they have been taking driver testing more and more times until she or he has passed the driver test without limitless.
At this time, she has ordered me to meet my doctor Aviles within ten days for sign’s DMV of Driver Medical Evaluation that I should report this to her. As she has known the Californians procedures, she has understanding that the Californian business has never valuated procedures within ten days’ appointment in visited doctor. If the American and Californian people should make an appointment to meet their doctors at least the two months, they do not have any emergency. When she did know me unable to request my Doctor Aviles within ten days, she has tried to push me to a corner of wall without outlet. Because I would request my doctor signs valuation of my health record, I should wait for at least two months or long time. However, my duty and responsibility quickly request my doctor Aviles on March 19th 2010. So my doctor has received my form’s DMV of Driver Medical Evaluation. She has told me, “When I have done this, I ought to call you.” Until on May 6th 2010, my doctor has called given me the DMV of Driver Medical Evaluation. For I quickly sent this to the Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety manager I by the US mailing, I would hope to waiting for her answers.
Ironically, On May 10th 2010, I have received her letter’s dated April 19th 2010; her notice is Findings that contain within the five criminal traffic laws of my case, she accused me violate the traffic law.
Obviously, the Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety manager I has accused five crimes of mine:
First, Lack of kills and knowledge renders you incapable of safety operating a motor vehicle.
In my opinion, if I am lost lack of skills and knowledge, I could not pass the eighty percentages of her requests, but I have got ninety percentages since evaluation result’s number of errors marked DQ without errors number. Thus, I am discriminated race by the Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety manager I. She did not have any equality. Second, my medical report was sent to her by May 7th 2010, by U.S mailing. In fact, the first time I have sent Medical Report to her by May 29, 2009, her officers told that there did not receive any documents of mine and told me re-send it to there while I have been called for many times to her office and explained my Medical Record has had sent already, but there has requested me for sending second times’ mailing.
Third, she has suspended my driver license effective 01/12/2010. Fourth, you are entitled to a department review of this decision This was unequal to my case, because I have passed her requests driver test. But she tries to trample me down to dregs of American society, she did not consider to my role. Because of I do not have driver license, I did not do any things. She wished to destroy my happiness, job and social activities.
Fifth, you may request a court review of this action by filling a writ of mandate again. Actually, she has known the superior Court in San Mateo did not judge my case, but she gave orders again.
Especially, her notice of findings and decision on September 22nd 2009, she and Jackie Chahal have decided me to be mental condition In their decision is not correct to my case, because they do not authorize for resulting my injury mental condition when my doctors who have had confirmed that my head trauma is well.
In condition, they are not making doctors when they do not review to my Medical Reports that has been sent them for many times. I could not know how to their duties and responsibilities that she was hurry to decide me get mental condition. Let them abridge my human right, freedom, dignity and face. They have pushed me to dregs of society, destroyed all of my personal rights, and put me to a corner of wall without outlet, so my soul, heart, mind and brain are very hurtful since I have become an imprisoned criminal traffic law without goal, because I have ever had driving car’s accident. I have sometimes not wanted to live again, because my body does not help for my wife, children, and grandchildren since I am ahead of my family. In fact, my social activities are abridged by the Barbara Schmidt driver Safety Manager I when she was purposely or indifferent destroying the great value dreams of mine.
For example, the Organization of Obama has been invitation me attend in order to help with its election campaign, but I do not take a part of its election campaign. Because I have realized to my fate that was ashamed, I am discriminated race by the Barbara Schmidt that has accused me to be mental condition. As we know, if a mental case will get near with important figure or high officials, the one should be killed by the guarders. Because the mental condition of mine will take place dangers for important figures, I can not campaign with it. Because Barbara Schmidt ought to have loan of the hand of police could kill me, she has realized that police have killed some of Vietnamese American of mental conditions in San Jose in the past.
On the other hand, my decision ought to make oneself free of my stress and depression problems that are heavily oppressed by the American power. I have decided not get in touch everybody of our society of outdoor, so I have requesting my wife takes me to the gym let me get workout in order to make free. After working out in gym, I return home, create writing book that is of How Shall My life, draw painting and sometimes read the books in order to make free of my heavy depression and stress in my life.
Specially, I always worry to the police who could shoot me if I were quarreled with someone’s outdoor or my neighborhood. Because Department of Motor vehicles have been recording me to be mental condition, so the police will be doubtful to think of me mental case and be killing me first as these roles have taken place in San José in the past.
Therefore, I have been staying home lonely after drawing the painting, portraits or landscapes or writing book and I return to recite the Buddhist scriptures in order to make free my depression and I’ve been doing that in order to against my atrophy’s esophagus and kowtowing in order to have against with the crowded blood problem and my depression and whilst I do not wish contracting with the public in order to avoid a life full of hazards when I have ever liked this.
Sorrowfully, from the days of Department of Motor Vehicles have taken over my driver license, so I am very lamenting all of my soul, brain, mind, heart and body while I am lost my freedom, dignity, honor, because I’ve been publishing for the eighth books in our country is the United States of America and since I could not organize the book signing anywhere and exhibiting my pieces of artwork anywhere when I’ve created approximately one hundreds objects as like the paintings, landscapes, and bronze statues. I could not earn any penny, because I am lost the freedom, dignity, human right by the Barbara Schmidt. If I did not lose my personal life, I ought to earn good money when I could sell my works if the human beings do not think of me have mental condition by the Barbara Schmidt’s decision me.
On the contrary, if the Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager could not offer her unfairness policy for me, she would carry out concordant to the Californian traffic laws. And since, I could get back to the university in order to earn master degree, and let me make up the academic title into my Three Noble Paths and the Five Rights’ doctrine. So I am not only getting proud of my life, I have taken an oath for dedicating my brain into my second country of the United States of America but I also honor that I am to be a great American citizen. Right now of my little dream is lost by the heavy society pressure.
Of course, anyhow I must be an American citizen that is the most of modern America country of the worldwide and while I am a common citizen without little weapon on of my hands, might, because my life has ever fought for supremacy while I am enduring myriad sorrow in mind. Even though, I am poor person, but I cannot nod my head in order to get the unfair society pressure. My decision struggles for the justice, because I do believed upon the American Court system that could be repay the justice for me.
Likewise, I ought to appellate to Supreme Court of California of State on May25th 2010 and I am hopeful to after the 120 days of law decision. I’d like to hope the court that judges my case. Suddenly, I have received a decision fifth that was sent to me by in the court of appeal of the State of California, First Appellate district Division Five, since the Superior Court of San Mateo county respondent that it has denied my case Number’s CIV 488313 and while my case was held in camera. Thus, I wouldn’t think so, because I am not having violation to the criminal terrorist or criminal act, violated criminal law or criminal anti- politician, or high treason. With regard to the criminal traffic laws, I had never had violated any laws. So the superior Court of San Mateo County was held in camera of my case. Respectably, Joseph E. Bergeron, judge of the Superior Court of San Mateo County is just sent his honor letter me on July 13th 2010. He does not only thank me but also tells me show up his letter to my family, friends and public that they realize perform of the best American citizen, but today he quickly offers his denied case to me while I have ever violated any Californian traffic laws. Uncertainly, the honest, innocent and poor man is violated the law by the might, because I would think that law is without relationship by blood. Otherwise, Department of Motor vehicles in Sacramento has sent its letter to me in order to execute me ought to pay the 115.00 dollars. Then it could send the file records to me. In particular, I am an honest and innocent artist, writer and poet. I have ever had violated traffic law act, but I have submitted to a law, and why’s not, the Superior Court of San Mateo County did not only judge my case but also deny my civil rights and then Department of Motor vehicles in Sacramento would be cut-purse of mine. If I were violation of criminal traffics’ law, I do not only find out the attorneys who ought to seek some of loophole of the laws in order to absolve my crimes but I also order the file record from Department of Motor vehicles in order to have more evidences and then I would like to submit these results to the court. When I am innocent citizen, I am denied judgments by the court and then am robbed the cut-purse by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the attorney. What I somehow make for perfect life of my human dignity? I’ve only been struggling for equality and justice of my individual life.
For example, I have sent my compensation to the American congress in order to struggle for justice and here is:
The Petition
To base on Amendment I of the First Ten Amendments to the Constitution
To base on the letter of U.S. Department of Justice
To base on former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has declared
To base on former President George W. Bush’s has agreed
Dear Sir US. House of Representatives
Dear President Barack Obama: To base on of these qualities, I would like to petition
to you ought to review the past of the Vietnam War since former government of ours, because they have seemed gotten of some qualities above.
First, because of us, the Vietnamese people are the weakest spirited, but we have held in the morality and even though we are invaded more times by many super emperors in the world. For example, French invasion has been seized Vietnam land for one hundreds of the year in the past, but before cutting and running out of Vietnam, it has signed Geneva treaty on July 20, 1954. As we have known to this accord, French invasion has requested for its enemy of Vietnamese communist government should be ordered limited time for the French soldiers and its paid soldier could safely cut and run out of North Vietnam and beside that one millions of civil people have chosen the rights to leave or to stay in North Vietnam in themselves, because the honest people and paid soldiers of Vietnam have been adored for mother country of French or their fatherland of Vietnam. To talk about the Paid soldiers of Vietnam, they have follower with their mother country of French, so French invasion has been given benefits to the Vietnamese of paid soldiers as veteran benefit. Since, few of paid soldiers of Vietnam have re-stayed in Vietnam, so the Vietnamese communist government has never had revenged to them. However, an American lawyer is well-known and American scholar who is Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger that has represented for our nation and then he has never had considered to any of our paid soldiers of the United States of America as like Vietnamese soldiers of Republic of Vietnam since they are loyalists to protecting of the greatest of American interests that do not only have in Vietnam but also protect for our Americanism to be moral great than other doctrines. After that, he once boasted that is “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves, but not compensate it any pennies” and so his heart has never that the US Congress would cut off aid to the Saigon government unless it supported the accords.
Third, the American Justice looks like a tape- measure when an American architect who has used it in order to find exactly from of one thing and since the one builds the house or the car. One more, the American justice ought to measure American government with one’s eye, because the government of the United States of America or so-called is Americanism has been controlling whole world for the long run. Our nation does not only control the economy, science-civilization of mankind, and military affairs, so the entire world does not only esteems our fatherland but also looks like to fear god and then our glorious country is posted International Nations when we are symbolized for the American justice. If our nation has never had justice, our fatherland could not be believed by the whole world. Equally, we have created more laws let the mankind should be following with us. For example, the war law that is to be public law and the law of human rights in order to protect the justice. Each time human kind could be maltreated by the dictatorship or the unkind doctrine, so International Nations Organization ought to punish him or her or an unkind leadership.
In summary, I would like to petition my case to you, because I am ex-political prisoner of conscience of the Vietnam War as like the former of American soldiers of Vietnam War. However, the American Soldiers who have full benefits, so the Vietnamese American soldiers do not have at least benefit in living, because at Vietnam War of ours is the same as one. The Vietnamese soldiers have been gotten salary, uniform and military equipment of the government of the united States of America that’s supporting for us through the American financial aid and military aid by the American Congress and the American government, but we are arranged according to seniority allowance, or benefits of seniority allowance, because we have been hired for paid soldier by the American Congress. Since we are different color, but we have been serviced for the highest interests of American government. Even though, we have own land, but the determination is belonged of the American Congress and the government of the United States of America. In fact, the Kissinger has declared and he is said, “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves.” From then onwards, Vietnam land from 1945 to 1975 has been controlled by the American Congress and the American government because the American people have been invaded Vietnam for thirty years in the past. An obvious truth that we, the Vietnamese soldiers and officers have been hired for fighting of Vietnam War by the American congress and the government of the United States of America. Obviously, both American organizations have realized to American interests form Vietnam War while we are the honest workers of the American Congress and the Government of the United States of America or so-called is of the American people. As you know that we, the Vietnamese soldiers and officers, have truthfully been made employees for the American government from beginning to end of the Vietnam War. Since we would loyally argue with Americanism, because the American Congress and the American government have been supported us for thirty years in war that we have gotten high salary, beautiful uniforms and modern weapons let us fight with communism. Ironically, while the Kissinger has squeezed lemon water out, then thrown lemon skin by his unkind heart, because he has sharked hands with Red China and then he has sold off us to communism without pity. Anyhow the Kissinger must be off protection’s American interests, he has trampled down the American morality, the American justice and the American of human dignity. Besides that, he has unkindly been abridged Vietnamese American soldiers and officers of their rights, because he has signed Paris of peace in January 27, 1973 that he has torn it to garbage of the American Society. After that, he lives on the fat of the land, does not consider to any suffers, injuries, prisoners and deaths of Southern soldiers and officers and he is satisfied for 25,000,000.00 twenty millions of Southern and three hundreds thousands of Southern soldiers lost life and their families by the Kissinger strategy. So that he and almost of American congressmen are lawyers or scholars swell-known, they have understood about the American Laws and public laws of the war and they have left us behind battle of Vietnam War. For example, I have been applied for supplemental security Income for many times when I was imprisoned, high blood pressure, hepatic B, and diabetes by the poisonous orange of the American government and lived in jails of highland in Vietnam. I have lived in highland of Vietnamese communist concentration camps after the government of the US cut and run out off Vietnam War, the American laws have denied my case. Because of Social security administration has executing for American rules, but my young life is sacrificed for the interests of the United States of America and then the American laws do not give me any benefit imprisoned Insurance or veteran benefit as like the American soldiers since we were carried out for the same as one duty and responsibility that we have together held in the American weapons for fighting one enemy that’s communism. Let us protect American of interests. Thus, my duty and responsibility were given an order by the American Congress and the American government, but why do they trample down the American laws in themselves? They do not give a little bit of benefit for us as like the government of Australia has did when Australia is a small tributary state of the united states of America in Vietnam War. As the government of the United States of America and American Congress have advocated invasion to Vietnam for thirty years in the past, do not give any benefit for us, and not dare compensated benefit imprisoned insurance and veteran benefit since we are to be Vietnamese American citizens of our mother country of American. I would like to petition this case of Vietnamese American prisoners of Vietnam War to you, I am hopeful to your high virtue, great philanthropy and fairness when you are greatest leaders of the government of the United States of America, because I have read your books since I am impressed by Dream from My Father that expresses one’s self and thus you are democrat Party. Uncertainly, the government of the US and American Congress have forgotten Abraham Lincoln has said, “A government of people, by people and for the people.” Because we, the Vietnamese paid soldiers, were belonged of the United States of America already. And then, I have had petitioned this case to you, because few of republican leaders will wait for the 25,000,000.00 Vietnamese people of Vietnam War and the 300,000.00 of Southern soldiers that they could die completely, and after that the republican leaders could express regret to them in order to run crime of compensation benefits in the Vietnam War when they seem unable to helping for Vietnamese American imprisoned Vietnam War. Otherwise, I would think that the American history will not forget to your fairness, philanthropy and virtue as like former President Abraham Lincoln to do, because the government of the United States of America strategy ought to do returning to Vietnam land for the second times, we would like to believe that our nation must be won all of the hearts of the Vietnamese people in the future when they should think to the American justice is very great of emperor of the world that is different afar to American policy in the past. I would like to thank you are reviewing for my case.
As a result, I am hopeful to Supreme Court of California of the state, because my case is very clear when I did not violate any traffic laws. In fact, this court always concern to my case when it has sent its letter me to make sure that it does assisted the judgment equally. I always checked in on on-line, let me know the courtroom. But it is from long time, I do not receive any notice, so I got to the Supreme Court in 350 McAllister St, San Francisco, California 94102. I got a notice by email that is “Case # A128855, Hello Mr. Quang, your cases have been closed on 08/05/2010. Case information: Quang v. DMV., and OK2010900180, No further info found, Thank you Linzie NB Nguyen. Confidentiality Notice: This communication with its contents many contain confidential and/ or legally privileged information. It is solely for the use of the intended recipient (s). Unauthorized interception, review, use or disclosure is prohibited and may violate applicable laws including the electronic Communication Privacy Act. If you are not the intended recipient, please contract the sender and destroy all copies of the communication.”
Therefore, I would like to appellate my case to United States Department of Justice in or to seek the civil liberties and rights, because I am not violating any traffic laws and the United States of America laws and why am I discriminating the human rights? In conclusion, after petitioning some governments in our nation, they had never judged for my case. Even though, my case is clear evidences, because according to our constitution that I have never had violated to break the law of nations while I am an honest, innocent and poor man and why do they not protect my rights of civil liberties? I have never seen bylaw of our constitution that does constitution not punish any innocent patient when she or he gets well as like my case. According to the traffic law, I do not violate it, but I have carried out the traffic law perfectly. In fact, I have followed three steps of Department of Motor Vehicles of California of the State such as the writing test, driver test and medical reports while it has ordered me, but it had always been abridging civil liberties mine and making injuries of life. As a result, I do not only lose all physicals from January 1, 2009 to present. I’m, right now, lost all them by the Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager. Next, I cannot help for my wife, family and offspring when my body is ashamed by the nothing to do. Finally, according to spirit that I am heavily hurt one’s feelings, such as my honor, dignity, mind, brain and heart are very miserable and therefore, I am gotten the heavy depression sickness, because when I am honest, innocent Vietnamese American writer, artist and poet, I am dropped of dregs of American society when our Amendment I has protected of the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to a redress of grievances. Equally, because of some our local governments do not carry out the right of our constitution, they do not consider to the low level as like me since they try trample down my dignity, civil liberties and human right.
In conclusion, I would realize that our second country that the United States of America is always interfering to inner other foreign countries of human rights, but I am living in this country that my human rights is lost by the American courts. For example, Superior Court in San Mateo County and Supreme Court of California of the State had trampled my human right when my body is threatened by the American powerful. In my opinion, I am pushed to a corner of wall without the outlet; I would like to write this letter to send to you “The Human Rights Action Center” and do need the help from you, because my life is like a young tree that is fallen in the deep mountain when no one hears its voice of young tree to help.
Bright Quang
Please take a look the evidences


The misery, painfulness, and unfairness of life continuously follow an honest man, ex-political prisoner of conscience, Vietnamese-American artist, and poet. These trials have taken him more than half a century by the wars and hate from the year 1948 to the present. The author of a novel, philosophy, and logic books is Bright Quang. Even if he never reaches the mountaintop, he has been holding his philanthropy striving with sorrow, barbarism, and crime, so he rises up a holy torch from a dark world. He desires to lead humankind to the true, the good, and the beautiful now that the highest wish of Bright Quang casts his ideology into Road to the United States of America because he has forgiven others often, but he has never forgiven himself.
Bright Quang was born into the war when the French colonists had invading his country for one hundred years and nearly twenty-five years of the United States of America War in Vietnam. The United States war in Vietnam had killed his great father and his four brothers. Bright Quang felt like a fish out of water and like a lost dog that was stepping on the soil of humankind or wandering in the central life’s market of the war without pity, because circumstances are not the rulers of the weak, but the good instruments of Bright Quang. Therefore, Bright Quang created three ways of his learning: seeing much, suffering much, and studying much that were to be a compass which guided him to go forward. When he saw the Vietnamese society which was unfair and painful, and his people suffering by war and crime, he reluctantly became a Vietnamese spy, worked with the police intelligence center in Quang Ngai City, and worked the Central Intelligence Agent (CIA) of the United States when it operated in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. Significantly, this job helped him to study, because he thought when one man wished to pick up a special fruit, the man should be able to borrow a good ladder. With the result of job, Bright Quang said, “The great end of my life is not money, but this is my own knowledge.” Then he would venture onto fields of war and risk his life to look for his lost love, and go through fire and water to find special war news.
One day, Bright Quang feigned death in public, and his funeral procession was boisterous in order to hide from people and the nose of Vietnamese Communist spies. After that, he was inserted into the Vietnamese Communist zones; he discovered a lot of war news. When he had achieved his duty and responsibility, he returned to study. When graduating from high school, transferring to the college arts, and earning his degree, he was motivated service enlistment by the South Vietnam government, so he enrolled in the Police University in Saigon DC. Meanwhile, he became a lieutenant of South Vietnamese government. He was a frank leader in the infrastructure in Vietnam when he had fought against many Vietnamese bribers, but his viewpoint looked like a small voice in the wilderness.
Suddenly, when the American government had changed its invasion policy to its Americanism policy, it opened a green light to welcome the Vietnamese Communist government and dropped the South Vietnamese government while the American government had done its musical chairs game in Vietnam. Bright Quang disguised his intentions to be a Vietnamese sculptor, went to Dalat City, and created many pieces of artwork, but on the way was arrested by Vietnamese Communist spies. The Vietnamese concentration camps of the Vietnamese Communist police lost everything like food and medicines, so Bright Quang applied a yoga method. He endured the starving wave in the camp. He always was writing poems and short stories in jail. When he labored in the fields, he secretly buried his work under tree roods. After living six and a half years in jail, Bright Quang was released. Before returning home, he was traveling for three months from Dalat City to Saigon, and to Nhatrang City where he created a statue of Maria mother. He fought with his girlfriend when he and she fell in love with each other before 1975. He sold his sculpture to earn good money. When he came back, his home, and his property were nationalized by the Vietnamese Communist government in 1975. He escaped the overseeing Communist police, and went Saigon DC. (Ho Chi Minh City) He created a bronze figure of peace of a Vietnamese teenage with a broken K.47 gun, but the Vietnamese Communist government did not allow him to exhibit it. He was bankrupt and became a driver of a tricycle, and he did that for two years. Meantime, he secretly sent his poetry book to France with a view to speak out on the Vietnamese situation under the Vietnamese Communist government, but the Vietnamese-French foreign community could not publish his poetry book. However, his draft of a poetry book came to the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen Van Dinh who lived on Rue Raymond Berniolle, in Sainte Savinte France; they told him emotionally when they read his poetry book and they had support for him for the ten years since Bright Quang lived in Vietnam. When Americanism policy shook hands with the Vietnamese Communist government, the American government borrowed the International Humanity Operation that ordered the Vietnamese Communists to sell the former Vietnamese ex-political prisoners of conscience to the United States of America. Bright Quang came to his former ally or so-called mother country of America. The United States thought him to look like American homeless, criminal, and mental cases. America trained him to work with many criminal and mental cases which were a so-called experienced job, but his sculpture and ex-political prisoner of conscience jobs were not consider.
Bright Quang fought against the bad American policy and claimed his position to the California Department Services. Quang was custody of David Gilson, Administrative Law Judge, who gave an order to San Mateo County of Department of Social Services to count his working hours to include his study times and work-study because the San Mateo County of Department of Social Services did not let him go back to a university to study. Before David Gilson ordered the San Mateo County of Department of Social Services, he asked Quang, “Why did the Russian doctors come to the United States who have worked as a coolie like you, but they did not have any complaint to us and why did you complain to us?” Bright Quang solemnly and frankly answered him, “Because your government did not invade Russia, and so the Russian doctors were not right to be your allies like me and your government are; they and I are in different situations.”
At that time, Bright Quang had written some English articles to Ruth Talovich, Editor of NguoiViet Newspaper in Westminster, California, for example, "A Few Elements of the Vietnam War" by Bright Quang. The author lives in Redwood City. He can be reached on the Internet at: www.geocities.com/brightquang/
This article was published by Ngýời Việt Daily News Weekly English Section, Sunday, July 22, 2001, from 14891 Moran Street, Westminster, CA 92683, Tel :( 714) 892-9414
For nearly fifty years the US defense policy was defined by conflict with the Soviet Union. From the Berlin airlift in 1948 to the Vietnam escalation in 1965 to the Star Wars initiative in 1983, the US has been seen as willing to pay any price to halt the spread of communism. In the 1980s, the Soviet Union itself ceased to exist, and the US became the only superpower.
America changed its defense policies. Every country today realizes that a nation cannot live alone but also depends on other countries. Economic success will give power to a country; therefore a strong economy and global trade are more important to defense than a large military without financial support. At the Yalta Conference in 1945, US President Franklin Roosevelt and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin agreed that East European nations were entitled to self-determination within a Soviet Union zone of influence, but Stalin breached the agreement. And US diplomat George Kennan said that wherever the Soviets could successfully challenge Western institutions, they would do so. He recommended that American policy toward the Soviets be “firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies.”
President Harry S. Truman, in his address to Congress in 1947, saw the Soviet Union as an aggressive ideological foe bent on global domination that could be stopped only by the forceful use of US power, and most American leaders felt they had a responsibility to prevent the spread of communism.
Also, after World War II, a number of countries that had been colonies of European countries obtained freedom and four general trends affected the history of Vietnam and the United States.
First, when Vietnam, under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh, won its freedom from France, the South refused to follow Ho Chi Minh any longer, and the two Vietnams were created at the Geneva Conference in 1956. As history shows, the North soon beset the South, and American leaders felt they had a responsibility to assist the people of South Vietnam from a Communist takeover. The second factor was the rise of the US as a world power. After World War II, the US helped rebuild Europe, helped Japan, and helped set up alliances such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Most American leaders felt the US had a responsibility to work for freedom and to prevent takeovers by oppressors.
Thus, American leaders felt responsible for preventing the spread of communism in Vietnam, and the idea of losing a war to a small country like Vietnam was unthinkable.
The third factor was using Vietnam as a place to exercise new weapons and techniques, air attacks, naval blockades, Agent Orange, DDT, etc., to affect the Soviet Union and Red China, if indirectly.
The 1972 bombings by our B-52s killed many innocent people, Vietnamese women and children, and in the US there were many young people meeting and striking against America's role in Vietnam.
The fourth factor was the financial interest of American armament businesses. The billionaires could earn more money with war supplies the longer the war lasted, although American and Vietnamese had to die in the process. The ruination in Vietnam was that villages, hospitals, and schools were destroyed. Both North and South had suffered destruction, and about 12% of the South had been sprayed with Agent Orange, other chemical defoliants, and DDT had been used liberally, as was napalm.
Even today, many people feel that the United States used Vietnam as a place to try out new weapons-including Agent Orange and other chemicals, since Hanoi was being aided by the U.S.S.R. and Red China.
The Americans used strategies in Vietnam to prove to the U.S.S.R. and Red China that they were equal to any threats such countries might make against the US or its policies. Many people see that armament factories have made a lot of money, and they quote “Quang’s doctrine of the rich: if there is no war, there is no more money.”
According to the United States government, Bright Quang looked like a small louse that lived in an American jacket; this louse could not make an American man sick, but it might give cancer or itch. The American man wanted to kill it, so he should wash this jacket thoroughly or throw it away, and creates other new ones. Because Quang would not look like a well without water, or a small young tree which fell in the deep mountain where no one heard its sound, he was taught by an American philosopher who said, “The pen is might than the sword.” Therefore Quang tried to use his pen; he strived with the American superpower without violence or hate.
When Bright Quang had been researching patriotism and why the American government had the greatest nationalism, the American government had an order to other countries so they were forced to drop their patriotism for Americanism. Because Quang thought that like a mild deer that was only delicious when it ate many fresh leaves, but a cruel tiger loved to eat as a predator. Therefore the deer did not respect the cruel tiger. By the same means the American bellicose policy could not force other races to follow Americanism because Quang followed the natural laws of Heaven and earth. With a will Bright Quang has been studying for three years at California State University Hayward (East Bay) in Hayward, Quang created to sculpt all of the American presidents out of bronze to respect them. As an artist, Bright Quang should be able to respect a special object or a few objects; he should understand, love, and respect them, so he cast his endless source of inspiration onto his pieces of artwork because he thought that art is long, but life is short. For example, Quang sculpted two bronze figures of President Bill Clinton and Abraham Lincoln, but he did not have enough his budget to bronze cast them. The result was that Quang had painted all of them out of oil on canvas, which let him respect the forty-two American presidents. For that reason, Quang respectfully realized the American leaders because their merits founded a nation. However, Quang was disappointed by some American presidents who could push the American people and the country might break up in the future. For example, from President George Washington to President Harry S. Truman, Quang was impressed by them because their merits were heroic, bright, and glorious. President Franklin D. Roosevelt developed social security like the welfare program because this great leader wished to bury a big hole of richness and poorness that was very huge, so he created a fair society in the United States.
On the other hand, Quang was disappointed from President Dwight D. Eisenhower to President George W. Bush. In fact, President Dwight D. Eisenhower opened an American invasion policy in Vietnam, but his doctrine was bankrupted for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon when they fought for the office, and buried the American prestige in a deep, dirty hole because President John F. Kennedy was an American Catholic president; he gave an order to assassinate a Catholic Vietnamese president even though they respected Lord Jesus and drank common holy water and ate holy cake. Thus, President Richard M. Nixon fought for the office, and he had deceived the Vietnamese alliances, Laotian people, and Cambodian people, but he did not deceive the other countries. Like President Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all of time, and all of them some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.” Now President George W. Bush deceived the worlds people when he began war in Iraq, so he was bitterly hate and utterly detested by the people of the world. His philanthropy and loyalty were very low. Consequently, American prestige was again bankrupted by President George W. Bush when he began war in Iraq without good reason; therefore, many countries of the world looked at the American people with their eyes of the scorn. Besides that, many young American men left their own country to escape to Canada.
Significantly the signal of the American government will go down or break up in the year of 2245 when President George W. Bush has dug to enlarge the huge variance of richness and poorness through his policy that might cut the social security program and increase the American taxes. He has reduced the tax on the American highest class levels. The leading method of a great leader should win all of the hearts of the people, and Quang said, “Agree with Heaven, so you exist for the long run, but if you did not agree with the natural laws, you should be destroyed too soon.” Otherwise, Quang had realized that it is a sign of the major recession to come when Heaven and Earth should be able to punish one nation, under God. With the view of proving that Quang had followed the natural laws of Heaven and Earth and transmigration of his soul into another body or the never-ending chain of cause and effect, a tyrant will fade in a short time. Therefore, the American government will not be able to avoid its breakup in the year 2245. For this reason, Quang, a virtuous Vietnamese American creator, developed three noble paths and five rights to guide humankind to go onto the true, the good, and the beautiful to avoid war and hates. His three Noble paths are Happiness, Course of life, and Sorrow, and five rights of Bright Quang are the Right Thoughtfulness, the Right Love, the Right Forgiveness, the Right Struggle, and the Right Independence because his doctrine looks like a small slight light shining at the end of a dark tunnel and he hopes it will shine on the way of worldwide peace.

March 18, 2005
Bright Quang


Chapter 1: I am proud of myself. Page 1
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Chapter 33: Vietnam Will Have a New Nationalism Policy. Pages.281
Chapter 34: My Goal in the United States. Pages 303
Chapter 35: The Fate of the Vietnamese Officer Refugees in the United States. Pages 327
Chapter 36: Why Did I Research Nationalism from the American Leaders? Pages 357
Chapter 37: The United States Might Approximately Breakup in the Year.2245. Pages 425
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Chapter 39: The Third Period of Transient Phenomenon of the United States of America. Pages 471
Chapter 40: Few Transient Phenomenon of the American Superpower Might Fall. Pages 501
Chapter 41: My Three Noble Paths and Five Rights. Pages 521

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Two Thousand Three Hundred Sixty-Six Nightmares

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