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  A Sorrowful Love
By Bright Quang

My story is dedicated to...



There was a wonderful skyscraper in a big city. The building had windows like a person's eyes, and they usually looked out upon the new world, or they happily enjoyed the handmade civilization. At that time, the milky clouds sluggishly flew above in the sky, and a couple of birds lightly played in the wind. The sight was beautiful as the blue walls of skyscraper appeared in the blue, immense sky. Everyone was aloof to the tall building. Inside the building lived a couple, enjoying their civilized abundance, luxury. But they had a sorrowful love.
Talking about the skyscraper, it belonged to a big businessman. In 1968, when Mr. Michael White took a long trip to Paris, his family returned home. Ironically, a bomb was inside Mr. White's airplane. It exploded in the sky, over the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, his son inherited over $ 20 billion.
The boy was born, at 9.30 p.m., on Monday, January 24, 1976 in San Francisco. His parents named him Michael Brown White. He grew up to be a bum. He never went to school more often.
He never received a diploma, but he was lucky in life, because he inherited his father's money.
As he became a man, he grew into a playboy, a man of abundance, but he was melancholy. Day after day, he fell in love with a difference girl, and he gambled. He never gave any of his money to a school or hospital or the poor. He just gambled and gambled, spending thousands of dollars in the casino. Money went through his fingers like water.
Michael was a handsome man. His voice was tender and sweet. Michael kept secrets in his heart but outside he behaved with urbanity. When someone asked him to give his opinions, he would say, “That's nice.” He would scorn everybody, especially someone poorer than himself who could not speak English very well.
One day, yellow leaves were falling lightly in the twilight, and the winds softly blew in harmony. Michael hurriedly drove his car to card room in San Francisco to gamble.
Sitting in the corner of the card room, alone, playing Blackjack, suddenly a girl came to his table and stared playing too. The girl's name was Alice and she was around 25 years old. Alice was newly graduated with a Master's degree from San Jose State University. She had recently separated from her boyfriend, Bob. In fact, Alice was taking a vacation in San Francisco, and she wanted to gamble. When she beat Michael, he was impressed and he hoped she would like him.
He said, "I would like you to go out and have lunch with me.” Linda responded, "No, I'm sorry. But here's my card. I'd like you to come to my house on Sunday. Bye.”
When Michael went back home, he dreamed about Linda all of the time until Sunday. On Sunday morning, Michael went to the florist in San Mateo, and he bought eight yellow rosebuds. He also bought eight tiny diamonds and he put one inside each yellow rosebud. Michael tried to impress Linda because he had fallen in love with her. Even though, Michael had a new car, he did not drive it. He walked to a pay phone and called a taxi. He waited for the taxi but it never came, so he took a bus. But it didn't stop near Linda's house. Michael got off the streetcar and looked for a taxi. He got in a taxi; asked the driver to take him to Linda's address and the taxi driver said, "Sure, hop in.” When the taxi stopped in front of Linda's house, Michael got out. He tipped the driver handsomely.
For a minute Michael hesitated, then he walked up to Linda's door and rang the bell twice. Linda opened the door. She invited Michael in. The living room had two chairs and a table. Linda sat face-to-face with Michael, and she poured tea, inviting him to drink. After Michael sipped some tea, he stood up and said, "Please accept these flowers.” Linda stood up, received the flowers, kissing the bouquet. They sat down. Michael stood again and said, "won't you be my girlfriend.” Linda bit the nail of her forefinger, stirred her tea a few times, and nodded her head, "Okay.”
When Michael and Linda met, they were confused. Michael thought Linda was very beautiful. He forgot everything, because his heart beat so strongly. Linda did not trust Michael because she was unsure of his motives. Therefore, Michael and Linda said "Farewell” and parted for a while. Linda saw Michael off at the gate of her yard.
For five days, Linda paid no attention to the flowers but they blossomed, welcoming the wonderful light in her house. Their perfume covered the whole house, and her house looked like a rose garden. On Sunday, when Linda cleaned her house, she saw many withered yellow petals on the table and floor. Suddenly, she saw some shimmering light among the faded petals. She could not believe her eyes. "Diamonds!” She exclaimed. Linda decided that Michael was a good man.


Like rings in a tree time moved- a seed fell to the grouped, germinating a sapling with branches, leaves, flowers, withering. The tree dies, a seed sprouts another sapling. A student goes to school to study; dreaming of success and a peasant sews a seed, wanting to reap fruit. Linda loved Michael so shed saw him many days of beauty, dreaming to marry him.
Following the American tradition, Linda and Michael got married. Linda White became Linda White- Brown. After the ceremony, Linda and Michael went on a honeymoon to Half Moon Bay. The next morning, Michael and Linda were fishing by the riverside in Half Moon Bay. They found an ideal, sunny spot. The fragrance of the young mountain grasses wafted to Linda and Michael. While the two were fishing, Linda took a deep breath, deeply filling her lungs with the sweet air and attracted to tell her background to Michael: "A few years ago, I was a student at Canada College and I met a man from Japan. He came here in order to study English. His name was Fujihashi Bob. Michael asked Linda, "Do you remember his address? Linda said, "Let me think a minute. Oh, yes, I remember that he wrote it on his card and Linda told Michael the address. Hearing the address, Michael painfully smiled, but Linda paid no attention. When Michael realized that Linda had memorized Bob's address, he still treated Linda tenderly but inside his heart he was jealous. Perhaps his wedding, like clouds in the sky, would fly to the wind. But receiving Linda's bitter words, Michael bit his lip. On the outside, Michael smiled sweetly but on the inside, secretly, he was jealous in his heart like a hot fire in the kitchen. Linda asked Michael, "Are you jealous?” Michael answered,
“No, because I met later.” Linda said, "If you really feel that way, you are a good man.” Linda, aloof, saw to it, having both birds; those might fly back to her, so she used her hands, beating his thigh to say: "The birds, softly humorous in the sky like us.”
But Michael was not concerned with birds; he wanted Linda to tell him her story, "You will become my husband, I will tell you all my truth. For the rest of my life I only will adore you, because you will be my husband.” Today, I tell you, but the next time I will fill up my memories underground. Michael said, "That's okay.”
Of course, Linda told Michael about Bob:
"Many days ago Bob and I ate lunch together for the first time in a Chinese restaurant in San Mateo. We ate delicious food, Bob putting food into my mouth, delicious. He opened his mouth like a young peacock, and he put an ice cream to my lips. I looked like a young peafowl.
Bob went back to his Japan to visit his family. I saw him off at the San Francisco Airport. He left for a month, but came back to study English again. At the airport I forgot where I had parked the car, so we looked for it for a long time.
There were a lot of cars in the parking lot but there were no other people except us. We looked like two people picking flowers in the forest. That day was the happiest of my life.
Michael asked Linda, "Did he kiss you? Linda said, "I am sorry.” Michael asked, "Did he gave you his life?” Linda said, "Yes, he did.” His father was an American after World War II. He billeted in Japan. His father got married to a Japanese woman, after his duty in Japan. He came back to his country, but his wife did not follow him.
Bob's mother stayed in Japan, and gave birth to him there. When Bob became a man, he came to the United States in order to study zoology. But did not know his father.
Michael listened to Linda's story. He perspired. Suddenly, a heavy rain poured down on Linda and Michael and they had no umbrellas. They huddled together under the rain and Linda said to Michael: "Perhaps the sky is giving us a sign.” That's why Michael married Linda, according to the American custom.


Linda and Michael got married in San Francisco. Three days after the wedding, they went to London to enjoy their honeymoon. They stayed in a luxury hotel in London.
For the first time, Linda was happily enjoying the ancient paintings, sculptures and architecture in London. She also enjoyed the tower of London. They also visited Bucking Ham Palace.
After that, Michael asked Linda: "What can I do for you?” But Linda didn't hear him because she was concentrating on all of the beautiful objects in Bucking Ham Palace, so she did not reply. He asked her a second time and she answered: "I don't want you to like adultery.” That is the cornerstone of my happiness. I want you to know that gold and money cannot buy love.
Money is like a ladder. A peasant borrows a ladder, reaps fruit on a tree. The most important thing about a person Michael responded: "The importance of a person comes from dollars and skyscrapers. I have to make a lot more money until my wealth reaches Venus and Mars. If one does not have any money, one cannot do anything. Linda replied: “Don't you know who invested the space shuttle?” Michael did not answer. He went back to the hotel to rest, but Linda did not go with him because she wanted to continue to take in the sights at Bucking Ham Palace.
Linda thought how God treats people inequality. This is an intelligent person, but he lacks money. That is a poor person, but he is a great man. Linda thought how Bob had hurt her, how he had decided to forget everything, and his only aim being to studying, he might have everything.
Thus, when he had been studying for two years, he transferred to the university in San Jose to study zoology. He submitted his thesis to the committee. It was a five hundred-page paper entitled THE REBIRTH RED-GLOBULE OF THE ANTS. The rebirth is red- globule, which removes cholesterol from the blood, revitalizing the blood. Therefore, a person with revitalized blood will reduce the aging process by ten years. The committee accepted Bob's thesis and he prepared for his painting exhibition in a gallery in San Francisco.
Everyday Bob visited the gallery to and fro in preparation for his show. One day, as he neared San Francisco, he noticed a girl hitchhiking at the bus stop. She called out to him and he stopped the car because the young, beautiful girl attracted him.
When he stopped his car, he invited the girl to get in. They began to make small talk. Suddenly, the girl got green in the face and Bob got worried. Instantly, Bob heard a siren and saw flashing red lights aimed at his car. The police said, "No body move.” All the traffic stopped and the police inspected Bob's car and said: "You're smuggling drugs.” The police handcuffed Bob and the young girl and put them in jail.
Everybody recognized Linda, and she became a rich woman. Of course, Linda was proud, worked hard and, usually, cherished Michael.
During her leisure, Linda visited hospitals and schools, helped the homeless, and created pieces of art to help her relax. One day, Linda was making a statue called THE FIRST TIME YOU KISSED ME.
She thought about when Bob begged her to let him kiss her hands. Linda agreed and gave both them hands. As she made the state, Michael came and asked her: "Who is that?” Linda answered: "It's you. I am thinking about our first kiss.” Michael asked again: "Why do you make my body so rough?” Michael wanted to buy the sculpture.
For a long time, Linda knew her husband. He had a slow mind even though he was a rich man.
His life was like a drum; it had a voice but was empty inside. Linda wanted to like her husband, equipped with a new intelligence.
One day, Linda sat beside her husband, at lunch and thought about how to finish the sculpture. Then she wanted to suggest to her husband to go to college, training many people to discover their talents.
When Michael heard her idea, he loved himself but he hated Linda. Linda calmly told Michael a story. He listened.
"In Texas lived a man and woman. The cowboy's wife kept cows for a wealthy farmer She guided all one hundred cows and bulls out to the green field.
Day after day, the cowboy's wife counted one by one the cows and bulls, but one-day the cowboy's wife got sick in the field. She could no longer count the cows and bulls.
That evening, when twilight fell and sunset hung over the mountain forests, she called to the cowboy to help her count the cattle.
The cowboy counted to and fro many times. In the end he only counted ninety-nine cows and bulls. Thus, the herd of cows and bulls lost one. When the cowboy's wife caught a fever, she lay down inside the ox-cart, and she heard her husband call the cattle many times.
She tried to ride on a cow to tell the cowboy that he had the right count. She said, "Let's go back home. You've counted all the cattle and we have them all; the cowboy's wife told him.
She, You are riding on the back of one bull, so we have all one hundred. You forgot to count to count the bull you're riding. The cowboy became very angry and hated his wife.”
But Michael did not understand Linda's story. Linda told Michael, "I want you to stop enjoying adultery. I want you to go to school.” Michael said, “ What more can I learn? I am a rich man.” From that day forward, Linda thought that the bouquets of her wedding would not fade and wither, but Linda and Michael were usually in discord. When Linda and Michael were face to face they did not share a common ideal.
Ironically, Michael got married to Linda, but he frequently came back to visit Marietta, or Marietta seduced Michael, wanting to go out many times. Michael really forgot his duty, filling Linda with a sorrowful love. Despite this fact, Linda fell in love with him.
Now, Linda only attended to her responsibilities. She would cherish Michael, but Linda would not forgive him for committing adultery with Marietta. At that time, every organ in Linda's body ached with jealousy. One night, Linda sat at a table fully set, put her face in her hands, waiting for her husband to return home for dinner.
The coldest weather came, rattling the windows, and Linda worried about her husband, praying to God to help him, because when he gambled he either won or lost but he could not avoid a car accident without God's help.
At that time, Linda heard a sound on the street. A cab stopped in front of her house. Quickly, Linda ran down, welcomed her husband, but Michael hesitated, half wanting to leave. He smoked a cigarette, felling his girlfriend in the smoke around his head.
Of course Linda forgave Michael, but he did not keep his promise to her. Now Linda understood both sides of betrayal. Then, Linda determined to write a letter to Michael, leaving it one the bed in the bedroom: "My dear Husband, I would like you to forgive me, because I am going to leave our home because I think you never love me again. Bye, Linda.”
When Linda was drove her car, worked at her job. She ate her lunch, but she continually worried about her problem. Her daydreams always followed her. When she spilled rice from her bowl, she usually imagined it to form a picture of her husband. Gradually, before her eyes, she spent her time in sorrowful chunks of memory.
Linda remembered a day when she and Bob were going to Half Moon Bay. They sat on a rock, looking out at the big, blue sea. Bob was telling Linda a story about a sea captain of the Guard.
Many more bittersweet, acrimonious memories gradually appeared to Linda, the times he let her win at tennis even though he was by far the better player. She remembered the poems that Bob had written for her:
On the path today
I hold your hand, surely
We go on our way
And build full dreams of our glory.
On the path today
Your song stays my heart.
My soul, it touches to start
With you and I together on the way.
On the path today
You and I look like a sunrise
Or we go in the night of the moonrise.
We pray our loves to a womanish Fay.
When Linda had manned animated memories of a girlish age, that times Linda and Bob sold paintings on the top of the knoll in San Francisco next to the Golden Gate. After Bob drew her picture while the wind powerfully came to flow up her skirt, her blouse, exposing her breast, so the shadow of her nipple appeared. Linda saw Bob see and she blushed and Bob did too. That was a good time for Bob. Her breast gave Bob many lovely lines. To dream how she tried to hold her collar closes with both hands, and a button fell, exposed.
She wanted to dream of Bob's painting. When Bob finished the painting as sunset threw down beside the pink mountain, Linda and Bob enjoyed each other playing the chorus. This song of Linda and Bob, created when they learned music: Our LOVE
You love your country.
You praise your country.
You play this guitar
And your sound is very tender
I lack parents.
I cry at my fortune
Then I play this trombone.
You love your guitar.
I love my trombone.
Our songs reach the stars
And our love is like a stone.


When Bob and Linda were just finishing their chorus, Linda asked Bob: "What name do you call my picture?” Bob said: "I named it A Star of the Age.” Linda said, "You were a talent praising a girlish woman.” Bob replied:
My parents birth me; the sky and land gave me my talent. I only know to court woman. If the world had not a girl, all the men would be like the dead trees. Then, if the world had not any flowers, the flower has its own soul when happy. Its beauty opens up, its sadness. It withers, sorrowful. The man had not woman, so his like became nothing. Therefore, the book said, "Men go for beauty, women go for brain.”
Linda used to take her boyfriend's hand, saying, “My honey got as wise as an owl,” And she asked Bob: "Would you tell the idiom of the Japanese girl?” Bob said, " In my opinion, I think from pole to pole the world adds up only to beauty and politeness, philanthropy and dignity. However, each nation has its own individual situation. For example, here in America people usually behave politely toward everyone else.”
Individually, the Japanese people like to boast. They do not like hypocritical ideas. Thus, they lose the sympathy of other nations in their lives, because they lack politeness. However, they really keep loyal, faithful lives with everybody. Yet, American people usually keep secrets inside their lives. Certainly, the idiom of the Japanese girl
When she would let a man kiss her hand or collide with her body would exhort the Japanese girl to keep face."
One day, Linda and Bob were together, driving back to the top of the knoll when they were selling their paintings and drawing Linda's picture named: THE UNIVERSE IN YOUR EYES. That time Linda wore a green oleander outfit. Linda was looking out to San Francisco. At the time, Bob fell in love with art and Linda. Suddenly, a middle age drunk man ruined the painting and threw the shreds into the sea, shreds flying down like butterfly wings, surrounding the mountains and hills.
As angry as a tiger or a lost deer, Bob hit the man, but Linda was pulling him back, but he threw off Linda's hand. Instantly, Linda fell down and she hated Bob. After that Linda separated from Bob.
That time, Linda and Michael were taking their honeymoon for a week in London, between their discords. When Michael hated Linda, he came back to the hotel. Michael glanced, mumbled to Linda, made trouble for Linda, trembled. When spoke many heavy words to Linda, “You reap what you sow.” Linda ate and drank the acrimonious words, heavy with sorrow, so Linda answered: "Today you sow wind, but tomorrow you will reap a storm,” And she left the hotel.
Linda sauntered in central London and the heavy rain and chilly weather covered all of her body.
For a few hours, Linda was falling down on the road during the night in central London. Her eyes closed when she did not know when she was, her body damp.
The police rescued Linda, and after inspecting her origin knew her to be American. The police carried her to her hotel, but her husband still behaved coldly toward her.
After that, the police advised Michael and he was changing Linda's clothes. In the end, Michael required Linda to forgive his faults, so Linda forgave him because she wanted to maintain harmony. Linda spent all of her time in central London. That was the worst time in her life. She thought of her parents, of their divorce. She wrote a poem called:


My life is like a little rose.
It lives inside a mountain.
It never rains even a little
And there is no sunrise.
I look like a little beach
Beside the sea
The waves forever crash in the wind.
The night takes on the moonrise.
My life is like a young leaf
It falls from the tree
When the branch does not agree
And the storm shakes the leaf.
That day, the standard and cornerstone of her life divided in three equal parts. Linda lost her lover, and she would become the traditional girlish American. She loved freedom and she could find a position because she wanted to lead the world to the future. Therefore, a long time ago of the historical American had no any woman to lead this country.
She remembered her jealous husband in San Francisco. Michael continued to behave coldly toward her as he seduced Marietta, meeting her in hotels. One time, Michael danced with Marietta while Linda saw her husband, she pushed Bob away, went inside the bathroom, because she did not want Michael to see Bob.
After that, Marietta saw Linda and worried that Linda might rip her face off. As fast as a wind, Marietta went inside the bathroom when she saw Bob and she said, " Would you please accept me as your provisional wife?” Bob did not catch her drift as she held Bob's head to kiss him. Thus, Linda caught Michael and went home. Michael would confess his adultery. This recollection confused her heart as she was received from her nightmare by her alarm clock, which woke her up to the knowledge that Michael was her husband in a skyscraper.


In his opinion, Michael thought his wife looked like a flower in the arid day. Then he decided to quit Linda. Now, Michael offered his love to Marietta. He did not need Linda again.
When Marietta first came to the house, Michael took her up in his big hands, carrying her into the house. First, Michael and Marietta kissed many soft kisses. They looked like young birds devouring each other.
Certainly, Linda stayed at her job in the skyscraper. Her heart was hot with jealousy. Then, Linda hired a helicopter. It flew to the skyscraper, Linda carrying a pistol.
The helicopter carried Linda to the top of the skyscraper, the house surrounded in loneliness. Inside that house there was no light, but Linda remembered the way, gradually walking down the dark stairs. She saw Michael and Marietta lying in the bed. She shot at them but missed, hitting a gas main and starting a fire. The fire that consumed the skyscraper looked like the explosion of an atom bomb.
The firefighters fought the fire and Linda turned her self into the police, who handcuffed her and put her in jail. After six months Linda and Bob lived together in jail and Linda realized that Bob was a generous man.
The court tried Bob for being a drug smuggler and Linda for attempting to kill her husband, but the court releases both Linda and Bob.
On the front steps of the courthouse Bob begged Linda to marry him, so she did.
Bob's life looked like a cicada, moving through many cycles. First is a little egg thrown to the ground, experiencing hardships underfoot? After many years the egg changes to a larva and the larva to a butterfly, waiting for summer. Dragging itself up a tree, the larva changes its body. It sings some days in the summer and dies.
Linda's life looked like a termite, moving through many cycles. First is a little egg in a tunnel under the ground. After many years the little termite works like a soldier, maturing to a world-class fighter.
Linda and Bob lived in their apartment, day after day. Linda created fine works of art and Bob painted, but one unfortunate day Bob was diagnosed with lung cancer. Linda was driving him Bob home from the hospital when he said, "If only someone would give me a lung, I could live again. Or else, I will meet God.”
Quickly, Linda volunteered one of her lungs. Two days later, reviving in the hospital, Bob saw Linda lying next to him, but the cancer pillaged his lung and he died.
Linda also died.
Afterward, the police notified the parents of each. Bob's mother was from Japan. Linda's father was from Chicago.
At that time, Linda's father recognized Bob's mother. She was his ex-wife. Before they were going to India to study Buddha, they buried Bob and Linda together in a tomb and they wrote: A SORROWFUL LOVE. They donated the property of Linda and Bob to the church.
In Redwood City

  The Bloody Hands


Author's Note:

The Vietnamese communist overthrew South Vietnam and the Vietnamese people lost their freedom of speech and the press, their freedom of thought, their freedom of assemble and association, and all other democratic liberties. Many important events occurred in Vietnam society from April 30, 1975, to the end of 1995, and no one has recorded those events because the Vietnamese communists continual forbid such action. It is therefore my duty and responsibility to write about the Vietnamese communist who hands is covered in the blood of the innocent.

Act, Scene I: in a garden stands a yellow house by a young coconut tree. On the verandah stand four old chairs and a table is a cup and wine bottle. A man drinks wine and sings a sad song. As the moon rises, the man stares reflected in his glass, singing.

Musician Wine (dressed in blue shirt and in black jeans said, sat on the chair):

How beautiful my life is.
When I drink wine,
I look at the moonrise
In the distance
A few stars seek for me
As we sing with a guitar
And drink wine.
As we live today, tomorrow
Generations will love me
For today, we love humanity
Without hating anyone

Soldier Ben (a soldier, dressed in fatigues with an AK-47 over his shoulder):

Hit him for me! Hit him!
He is a puppet soldier of South Vietnam.
Handcuff him! Handcuff him
And hit him again!
You should ask him
Where did president Thieu escape?
If he does not tell us, hit him again!

Spy Hillary (a sophomore in college in South Vietna. Dressed in blue coveralls and a black ski cap, she has an AK-47 over her shoulder. She runs quickly to Wine):

Don't do that! Stop! Stop!
Don't hit him.
He is a musician, not a puppet soldier
He is a musician, and my boyfriend.
Our comrades mistakenly hit him
Too much

Colonel Frank (dressed in an officer's suit):

Why didn't you kill him?

Vietnamese communist comrades do not love anyone.
They only sacrifice to our Ho Chi Minh.
Now, you are taking him to concentration.

Mrs. Frank (coming home, encounters her husband, and sees her son in handcuffs):

What happened?
Oh my God!
God saves me!
Heaven helps me!
My communist husband is cruel.

Spy Hillary (introducing Musician Wine to Colonel Frank):

This is Wine, your son.
Why did you hit him?
Mrs. Frank (addressing her husband):

He waited for you I waited for you
While you followed the Russian and Chinese communists
Your hands are stained in blood
And now you come home
To hit your son
I think you're not human.

Colonel Frank:

Stop! Stop! I can't hear you.
Your words slide like water off a duck's back.
Now, I am a Vietnamese communist
And I order you to donate your property to the government.
If not, I'll take possession of your land.
My hands are bloody.
Your hands should be muddy.

Mrs. Frank:

No more! No more!
You can't get bloody from a turnip.

Colonel Frank:

All right! I can't get blood from a turnip,
But I can take blood from your body.

Mrs. Frank:

Oh my God!
These twenty years gone by
I've thought that you kept your loyalty:
Love your children and wife.
Now, your heart and thoughts are cruel.
You've already forgotten your land and people.

Colonel Frank:

Do not complain.
We Vietnamese communists cherish Ho Chi Minh and Lenin.
We stand for proletarian internationalism.
We do not need wives and sons.
If your property is devoted to the communists,
We ought to sculpt your name one a golden plaque.
Long lives your name.
If not, your body may be cut to pieces.

Mrs. Frank:

You have known:
Charity begins at home.
Nature is more powerful than man is.
True happiness comes from hard work.

Colonel Frank:

All men were against you
Nevertheless, you persevered.

Mrs. Frank:

Turn a deaf ear to every man
And lend you voice to the few
Because Heave and earth may pass away
But your words will never pass away.

Colonel Frank:

Will you know your heart?
When it beats no more?
Then life will end.
You will reap what you sew.
You obey me
It is natural.
Our happiness will exist forever
If only we devote all things to the government.

Mrs. Frank (holding her head and crying, pacing):

You were cruel, too cruel!
When you left home
You abandoned your children.
I nourished them.
I, alone, took care of them.
Now, your children have grown
And you do not love them.
You think of them as your enemies!
My blood builds my house.
My milk nourishes my children.
Today, you return home to handcuff your children
And send them away to a concentration camp.

Lieutenant South (one of the Frank's sons, wearing fatigues):

Dear father,
For a long time
I did not see you
I was saddened
But I remembered you always.
Now, I need you to protect me
From the communists, or
They will be arrested.

Colonel Frank (is angrily):

I will not do that.
You are a lieutenant of South Vietnam.
I ought to send you to prison.
You are dead to me, but I forgive you.

Student North (the Frank's other son, a sophomore in college, wearing a white shirt and jeans):

It is happy! It is happy!
Happiness comes to our house
Our family is united by the communist revolution.
Throw down South Vietnam.
Long lives mother Vietnam.
Everyone, follow my father.
My brothers, Wince and South,
Should go to prison.
My mother should donate her house
To the Vietnamese revolution

Colonel Frank:

North speaks rightly.
He loves the Vietnamese communists more and more.
We should learn his opinion.
His mind had awakened.
Let's follow him.

Mrs. Frank (screaming, hitting her breast):

Oh my God!
My son betrays me!
My son betrays me!
Oh my God!
My heart hurts me!
My heart hurts me!
Ho Chi Minh comes here to see.
Ho Chi Minh comes here to watch.
The Vietnamese people are in revolution.
My property and my own children
Are lost to your cause.
If you had not followed the Russian communists,
The Vietnamese people would not be dying by your hand.

Musician Wine (pacing, angrily glances at his father. Suddenly, happy he addresses his mother, lovingly):

My mother follows destiny
Because I believe in Taoism
Man follows the laws of the earth
Earth follows the laws of Heaven
Heaven follows the laws of the Tao
The Tao follows the laws of intrinsic nature.
Therefore, my mother is afflicted by sadness today
Though her health is fine.

(Looking at his father):
He already believes the Vietnamese communists.
He can take our blood to devote to the Vietnamese communists.
Because he has decided to follow the communists,
He has already forgotten his family

. Mrs. Frank (her voice trembling):

I hope, when the Vietnamese achieve peace,
That my family reunites, happily.
Now, my husband destroys our properties.

Musician Wine (to his mother):

Don’t worry. Don't worry, Mother.
We will go with the refugees.
We will look to the horizon.
We can build a new life

Mrs. Frank:

I don't think so.
I cannot leave Vietnam.
Her land already mixed in my blood
When I was a child
Now, Hillary and you love each other.
If I found with the refugee,
As I separated you and her

Musician Wine (rubbing his head, pacing, and beating his breast):

Today, she and I separate and follow two paths:
Keeping to her path, she will follow the Vietnamese communists
My goal is to seek freedom.
I cannot love her because she is a Vietnamese communist.

Spy Hillary (holding Wine's shirt kneels before him):

You cannot leave here.
You cannot quit me.
Please, calm down.
Listen to me.
Though I hurt you so much,
I only adore you

Musician Wine (removing Hillary's hands from his shirt)

I do not see you anymore.
You and I have gone our separate ways.
I love freedom.
You love atheists
Our love was a mistake.
Don't give your suffering to me again.

Spy Hillary (clutching Wine's legs):

We love ourselves notwithstanding our faults.
And we ought to love our parents in a like manner.
I love you more than myself
Even though we have different ideas.
Our love is the only path.
I cannot live without you.

Musician Wine:

My father and you follow the Vietnamese communists.
My brother follows the Americans.
I only follow the call of mother Vietnam

Spy Hillary: (hugs Musician Wine, cries loudly, her hand covered in blood):

Please forgive me! Please forgive me!
Oh honey! Do not hate me
My president, Ho Chi Minh
Did not teach men to hurt others.
Which is a bigger price to pay
Than when we liberated South Vietnam
And the blood of innocents ran in the streets.

Musician Wine:

I do not hear you.
I am deceived by you, you
Trader and spy I am not a communist
And I never loved you. Let me die
Under the bloody clubs of the communists
As you liberate your people, I am a puppet.

Spy Hillary:

Please forgive me.
You cannot hate me.
You are in my heart.
I have fallen in love with you.

Musician Wine:

I am a lion in a cage.
You do not seduce me
After you kill me, say
'Long lives President Ho Chi Minh!'
He is the leader of the students, the follower
Of the Russian and Chinese Communists
You should say, 'Long live Ho Chi Minh!'
You never loved me.

Spy Hillary:

I have sworn an oath to you, devoted
My life to you

Musician Wine:

As soon as you leave here,
You ought to take your responsibility.
I cannot see you again
Because you have betrayed me

Colonel Frank (dressed in an officer's suit):

Who is this? What does he do?

Spy Hillary:

You know that you cannot leave Vietnam.
We will choose an independent Vietnam.
We will not follow the Americans, Chinese or Russians,
Does rice cake made of rice flour
Have a bone?
Thus, even though, the American empire, the Chinese
And the Russian have never loved

The Vietnamese people, they only exploit
Us, the Vietnamese people more and more.

Colonel Frank (glances angrily at Hillary):

Comrade Hillary! Comrade Hillary!
I disagree with your idea.
Because you are a Vietnamese communist,
You should not love a puppet of South Vietnam.

Spy Hillary (stands up, walks to Colonel Frank, and looks at Mrs. Frank, crying):

I am a Vietnamese communist.
I am your comrade
And I am just now a bride.
Your son and I have engaged.
Why do you suppress our love?

Colonel Frank:

No, don't say that to me.
I will not accept your engagement.
Don't you remember?
A Vietnamese communist cannot love a puppet of South Vietnam.

Act I, Scene II:

Student North:

Our family is happy.
The Vietnamese communist government has just awarded
Our family the honor of civilian rights
Because my father donated this house
To the communist Party

Musician Vine (to his brother):

Are you a mental case?
The Vietnamese communists have nationalized
Our property Why are you happy?
Do you like the Vietnamese communists?

Solider Ben:

Everybody! Everybody listen to me! Listen to me!
Today, this house belongs to the Vietnamese communist officials.
Everyone must leave this house immediately.

Mrs. Frank (falls to ground, wailing).

Heaven helps us!

Musician Wine:

Heaven helps my mother.
God saves my mother.

(Various soldiers begin to push all the family members into a waiting car).

Colonel Frank:

Be placid. In you’re new home
You will be free to work hard.
No one will sadden you.

Act II, Scene I: In a concentration camp the terrain is mountainous. People move slowly up and down the mountain, their shoulders burdened by firewood and bundles of bamboo. Beneath four thatched roofs at each corner of the scene stand four guards, each with an AK-47.

Mrs. Frank (sadly):

Here are mountainous heaps.
People live where I do not see them.
Oh my God! My life has become a nightmare.
I am living in hell with the exiled ghosts.
The Vietnamese communists imprison my life.

Musician Wine (returning from the poor fields, sees that his mother is sorrowful):

My father has left you.
He follows Lenin
And adores Ho Chi Minh.
He has betrayed us.

Mrs. Frank (interrupting);

Do not remind me of our problems.
You should eat this little yam.
You have dud furrows in the fields.
All day long if you become too tired, you
Will die and you will not able to do anyone?
Any good Life is hard and fierce, but death not so.
Though we have not had any rice, your life
Is in this yam. You must strive.
If you wish to reach the summit, you must
Begin in the valley.

Soldier Ben (enters with an AK-47 and a stick, addressing Musician Vine):

Quickly! Go, quickly to the field
To dig a trench
Why do you sit here?
Dare you defy me?

Musician Wine:

I'm eating my lunch. Don't bother me.

Soldier Ben:

How dare you talk back to me! Don't look at me!
Don't you see that I have a gun? If I want to, I can
Shoot you. You belong to me. One squeeze of this trigger
Brings your death. You had better obey me.

Musician Wine:

No, I won't go you. I need to eat.
After my stomach is full, I will follow you.

Soldier Ben:

Do you continue to defy me?

Musician Wine:

Yes, I do. I defy you.

Soldier Ben:

You're a stupid gook.
I have burned your home
I have beaten your mother
I only give you a little to eat
And I have handcuffed you.

Mrs. Frank:

I have kowtowed to you.
Now, please forgive him
Because our family is ashamed
We have become sad.
You are revolutionary.
Please forgive him and me

. Soldier Ben:

I respect you
You are an old woman.
You ought to advise him
To go to the field to dig trenches.
He must stay in the concentration camp for six months.
You take care of yourself. You cannot wait for him.
(He leaves)

Mrs. Frank:

If you respect me,
You had better hear me.
Even though you respect him,
Your heart scorns him
Because our fates belong to him
You know that a small man dares to revenge one day.
But a great man will have revenge for a million years.

Musician Wine:

We have become nothing.
I want to die but my duty does not allow it
Because your life is in my hands

Act II, Scene 2. Mrs. Frank, her old home is become the office's Vietnamese communist by Colonel Frank. He is finding out a few materials in his office. Soldier Ben comes back to report Mrs. Frank's family in the concentration camp to Colonel Frank.

Soldier Ben:

Dear comrade, I have separated your wife and son
As you have order me to do.
I have already destroyed their home.
Musician Vine I sent to a concentration camp. Mrs. Frank, your ex-wife has become homeless.
They will not be able to return home.

Colonel Frank:

I congratulate you for doing so well.
This Independence Day I will offer you a gift.

Spy Hillary (enters hurriedly):

Dear comrade, I must report to you an emergency.

Colonel Frank:

What happened?

Spy Hillary:

Many people have taken to the streets.
They have called for the Vietnamese communists
To pay for the destruction of their property
They have torn up a portrait of Ho Chi Minh
And they have burned our flag, saying: ' overthrow
The Vietnamese communists.'
They are more powerful than a windstorm.

Colonel Frank:

I will bid our soldiers to assail them.
We have to bring tanks and guns
To squeeze them

Spy Hillary:

Dear comrade, I was attacked by them.
My soldiers escaped everywhere.
I was disguised a poor person.
After that, my soldiers put me in the big pot to bring me.

Colonel Frank:

Don't you know?
According to military law
Law will behead your head
And your relations will be exterminated.

Spy Hillary:

Dear comrade, the monks are powerful
The poor people are powerful
But my soldiers are too weak.

Soldier Ben:

I see many Catholic priests taking to the streets
They demanded us to repay their churches.

Colonel Frank: (addressing Soldier Ben):

Quickly, she and you grab a tank.
Shoot to kill. If someone survives, send
Them to the concentration camp
After that, we will behead them.
This is my order, the just order of the Party.

(Addressing Spy Hillary)

Dear comrade, your fault is too big.
Our Party cannot forgive you
But I have protected you
Because your life is like mine

Spy Hillary:

Thank you for your concern.
Now, Pardon me while I return home.

Colonel Frank:

No, do not say that.
The party needs you I need you.
You have stolen my heart. I have
Fallen in love with you.

Spy Hillary:

My dear comrade,
A thousand kowtows I would kneel.
Comrade, forgive me
But I am just your employee.
I am in love with your son, Wine.

Colonel Frank:

Right now, I'm not referring to marriage
Or anything Just be my little darling
You cannot leave me. You belong to me.

(Colonel Frank takes to hold of Spy Hillary's hand and waist. He begins to seduce her as she becomes like a little fish in the grasp of an octopus.)

I love you forever.
You are lovely.
I am so happy with you, younger.
I am drawn to you like a butterfly
To the intoxicating petals of a flower

Student North:

Open the door! Open up, please!

Colonel Frank (addressing Spy Hillary):

You had better lay here.
Don't make a sound.

Colonel Frank (going to the door):

Vile creature! Who are you?

Student North:

My dear, sorry to disturb you It's really nothing.

Colonel Frank:

Go away! I don't want to see you.

Student North:

Dear father, you are a revolutionary
Are you not? The revolution has taught you
To rob the property of people you have killed
Many poor, honest people your corrupt officials
Have squeezed the lives from honest people.

Colonel Frank:

My son is good. I love you so you cannot say
An unkind word to me
Here is my gift: ten thousand dollars.
Next month I will have you promoted.
You will be president of this province.

Student North:

Money! Money! It is too cruel.

Money has killed my mother
And it has made my father into a murderer
Because of money my father has taken in the bitter
And tossed out the sweet.

Colonel Frank:

Why didn't you call me?
I could bid our soldiers to squeeze them.

Spy Hillary:

Dear comrade, I knew I had a big fault.

Colonel Frank:

Our party cannot forgive you
But my duty has protected you
Because your life is like mine
If not have because you had devoted
Your life for the Vietnamese communists
As I cannot make you to hurt

Spy Hillary:

Thank you for your concern.
Now, pardon me while I return home.

Colonel Frank:

No, do not say that.
The party needs you I need you.
Right now to be sincere
I love you. I have
Fallen in love with you.

Spy Hillary:

My dear comrade,
A thousand kowtows I would knee.
Comrade, forgive me
But I am just your employee.
I am involved with your son. Wine

Colonel Frank:

Right now, I'm not referring to marriage
Or anything just is my little darling.
You cannot leave me. You belong to me.

(Colonel Frank takes hold of spy Hillary's hand and waist. He begins to seduce her as she becomes like a little fish in the grasp of an octopus.)

I love you forever.
You are lovely
I am so happy with you, younger.
I am drawn to you like a butterfly
To the intoxicating petals of a flower

Student North: (looking for his Frank's father)

Open the door! Open up, please!

Colonel Frank (Leaving Spy Hillary):

You had better lay here.
Don't make a sound.

Colonel Frank (going to the door):

Vile creature! Who are you?

Student North:

My dear, sorry to disturb you it’s really nothing.

Colonel Frank:

Go away! I don't want to see you

Student North:

Dear father, you are a revolutionary
Are you not? The revolution has taught you
To rob the property of people you have killed
Many poor, honest people your corrupt officials
Have squeezed the lives from honest people.

Colonel Frank:

My son is good. I love you so you cannot say
An unkind word to me
Here is my gift: ten thousand dollars.
Next month I will have you promoted.
You will be president of this province.

Student North:

Money! Money! It is too cruel.
Money has killed my mother
And it has made my father into a murderer.
Because of money my father has taken in the bitter
And tossed out the sweet.

Colonel Frank (smiling and glancing north, he taps on the North's shoulders)

North! Why did you ask about your mother?
I did not like you to talk about her
Because your mother was an ugly old woman
And she did not listen to me!
Your mother's dead was not my false.
Now, the most important thing is your life
Our fatherland is waiting for you.
Vietnam needs you.
And seventy-five millions Vietnamese are waiting for you.

Student North (asking his father about his brother's dead):

Did you know about my brother's dead?

Colonel Frank (himself tapping his front):

Because he allied America
And he invited the American soldiers,
They came here and destroyed many villages.
And killed many innocent Vietnamese.

Student North (saying loudly):

I would like you to open your mind
Your President Ho Chi Minh had knelt next to the diplomacy's bed
When he came to meet French diplomacy,
He begged to French government to separate our country.
Moreover, "Ho Chi Minh is a good communist student”
When he bought many weapons from Chinese and Russian
He ordered his soldiers to fight against the South republic Vietnamese
From 1932 to 1975

Colonel Frank (interrupting student North, his hand pointing in North's place):

I suggest you that you should not say something bad about my president.
The dead of your mother and your brother are the little part of our country.

The sacrifices of your mother and your brother could contribute for Vietnamese happiness.

Student North (quarreling again with his father):

Vietnam became an independent country.
But it replaced many wealthy Vietnamese
To become the poor and the freedom
To lose freedom

(When Colonel Frank and student North are discussing about the wrong and right way of Vietnam. Suddenly, Soldier Ben comes and says):

Soldier Ben (manages prisoners of consciences in the concentration camp. He requests Colonel Frank about the prisoners of consciences who are starving in the concentration camp. He asks to Colonel Frank to give more food and medicine for the prisoners of consciences):

Dear comrade
In the concentration camp
Many prisoners of consciences were sick
They would die because they ran out rice and yam.
How could they dig this canal?

Colonel Frank (sitting on the chair next to his desk, his legs put on the chair, and his hand holds smoking):

You are stupid
If we give them more food,
They got good health,
So they would be rebelled against us. If they are died by the lacked food, that is a good way for us
The people in the world will not tell us are cruel.
So, we do not care about them

. Soldier Ben (smiling cheerfully)

I would like to submit you
My new project

Colonel Frank (smiles happy)

How about your plan

Soldier Ben (hand out his letter):

This is my plan.

Colonel Frank (reading it over):

Your idea is good,
So I will urgently do it.

Soldier Ben:

We should give their relatives to visit them two times per month.
Thus, we do not provide our food,
However, we will earn more our profit from their works.
And we will order them to work overtime.
They must work whole day and extra four hours at night.

Colonel Frank (goes up and down):

You should announce for all prisoners of consciences to know your plan.
If they do not comply you,
You can shot them immediately.
After that, you will report to me.

Soldier Ben (For three months gone by Soldier Ben had shot many prisoners of consciences in the concentration camp because they did not obey him. He was obsessed by that idea; Therefore, he comes back to meet Colonel Frank, he gives reason that his mother gets sick, He wants to be retired):

Dear comrade
I would like to submit you a problem:
My heart is obsessed by the death of prisoners of consciences
In the concentration camp
Because I have shot over thirty prisoners of consciences,
Who were died in concentration camp?
Now, I want to be honest.
And my mother gets sick,
I must take good care her
I do not want to become a communist revolution.

I would like you to give me to retire.

Colonel Frank (wants Soldier Ben to marry with Hillary because he knows soldier Ben has fell in love with Hillary. Therefore, he did not want to get married with Hillary):

I agree your problem,
I cannot decide, but I will tell my boss about your problem
Now you go back garrison.
Tomorrow, you will see me again.

Spy Hillary (when Soldier Ben leaves Colonel Frank's office, so Hillary comes):

Dear comrade
I have to say with you that I am pregnant about 2 months now.

Colonel Frank (saying Hillary):

Dear Honey
What can I do for you?

Spy Hillary (replying sternly):

How can I do for my pregnant?
Sometimes I have vomited three and four times per day
The last day I fell down because dizziness

Colonel Frank (advice’s Hillary should be an abortion, but she does not like it):

You should go to hospital for abortion
If you keep your baby,
I will get trouble with my position in office
I would like to introduce you to the special hospital
That it's all
Spy Hillary (refuses his idea):

No. I cannot do that
My baby should have a father.
However, my responsibility must protect him
My baby is my blood.

Soldier Ben (when Hillary has left his office, and Soldier Ben comes to his boss):

I obeyed you

Colonel Frank (coaxing Soldier Ben because colonel Frank wants him to get marry with Hillary, and Colonel Frank promotes for Soldier Ben and Spy Hillary):

I love you because you look like my son
Now, I would like you marry with Hillary
As we are comrades
So, I choose on Sunday night
I will introduce her to you and everybody
The party that we will organize is a tea -party
. After that, I will give you a high position as president village.
Her official worker is a permanent secretary
She and you are together in the village.
You will lead a lot of people.
I will offer her and you a big house.
It is important that you cannot follow the foreign country.

Act. III. Screen 1
When Spy Hillary and Soldier Ben received a beautiful villa. This house was a big garden. It had the many beautiful trees, pool, horse's yard, and tennis court, because it was belonged a magnate of South Vietnam. Vietnamese communist nationalized it in 1975. Now, the Vietnamese communist official worker has awarded for Spy Hillary and Soldier Ben. Soldier Ben has become a president in a village and Hillary has become the secretary of the local Party Committee.

Soldier Ben (is happy because he is just a second grade soldier but suddenly he manages over eight thousand people in his village):

You and I are equality.
You are a permanent secretary in this village
I am a president village
We look like a small kingdom.
However, you often oppress me
Even though I am your husband.

Spy Hillary (saying with her voice is insipid):

I got marry with you
Because I was coaxed by Colonel Frank
If you ready love me,
You must obey me
What I am ordering you have to obey.
Absolutely, you should not refuse about me
Do you listen to me, don't you?

Soldier Ben (replying with his sound is sweet):

Because I love you,
I will do whatever you want
But not I scare you.

Spy Hillary (telling her husband takes good care their child):

Did you change diaper for our child, didn’t you?
Now, please clean up our house, my husband.
Quickly! Cook rice for me, my husband.

Colonel Frank (still wants to keep a relationship with Hillary, so he visits Ben and Hillary's house):

Hi! Mr. Ben comrade
Hi! Hillary comrade
How are you doing?
How about your daughter
What is your son name?

Soldier Ben (leaving home):

You welcome my boss.
Right now, I am coming to my office.
Because I need to find out a few notices
I heard someone left to across aboard yesterday.

Spy Hillary (introducing to Colonel Frank about her daughter, she named her daughter's Rose):

Her face is oval and her nose is tall
Her eyes look like the moonlight.

Colonel Frank (saying with Baby Rose):

My daughter! My daughter I love you so much
You will grow up and follow me
To see to the president Ho Chi Minh
We can say," Long live Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh."
What did you decide your daughter's name?
What did you call her last name?

Spy Hillary (saying Colonel Frank):

Her first name is Rose and last name is Nguyen
Because I did not take you’re last name and his last name.
So, my daughter should bring my last name.
However, my husband agreed with me her last name.
She is your daughter, but you lost your responsibility.
Rose will be Soldier Ben's daughter.

Soldier Ben (coming back home to call his wife):

My honey! My darling!
Open the gate! Open the gate.
I return home! I return home.
I love you a thousand times.

Spy Hillary (does not answer her husband and does not open the gate home because she hates President Ben):

I don't do that! I don't do that!
Because I take care my daughter
I love my daughter more than you do
You love my body, my sexual,
And my service but not your daughter
You have to open the gate by yourself and go home.

President Ben (saying again)

Why do you behave like that?
Why do you scold at me?
Please don't expel me I still love you so much.

Spy Hillary (sternly):

You are crazy! Forget it
You cannot say some thing like this to me
You are a bad man I have ever had in my life
Now, I am not Ben's wife.
Please don't say I am not your darling
Our memory is an ash that buries in long time ago.

(Hillary sobs...)

Mrs. Frank (became a homeless woman, she begs food everywhere in South Vietnam, but suddenly she comes to Ben’s home):

Kowtow women
Kowtow men
Please give me some food or changes
I am very poor
I beg you some food
I beg any changes
Please help me! A disadvantage woman

Soldier Ben (wants to put Mrs. Frank in jail because he thinks this country did not allow any beggars):

Nothing! Nothing! I have nothing
Our society does not have any beggars on the street
You guy is lazy.
I wonder whether you are an American spy or not.
There is a concentration camp
I want you to come over there
Many food and benefit are waiting for you.

Mrs. Frank (talking to Soldier Ben):

You are horrible
You are cruel to a poor woman
If you did not help, I will go away.

Spy Hillary (saying to Mrs. Frank):

Dear my Mom.
What happened to you?
My name is Hillary
Your son is my boyfriend
I would like to invite you to come here.

Spy Hillary (saying with her that husband because Soldier Ben behaves like an inhuman with Wine’s mother, therefore Hillary does not agree with Soldier Ben.)

She is hungry but why you turn away.
Why do you want to put her in the jail?
If you do not help her, why you say something like that to her
You must ask yourself
You seem vaingloriously

Soldier Ben (saying to his wife):

You are a communist comrade.
If you say that I must report you to our boss
That's why I was behaved badly by you.

Spy Hillary (saying aloud to her husband):

You are stupid.
Get out of my life
How dare you report me to our boss?
You look like a monkey when you meet your boss.
Do you think you are strong?
Should you come to meet your boss and tell about me to him?
Now I do not scare the cruel communist.

Soldier Ben (getting mad with his wife):

I want to ask you.
Whose is house? Let us think about it?
Who was bone and blood dripping down yesterday?
Why do you want to forget them?

Spy Hillary (answering to her husband):

This house that belongs the Vietnamese people
You robbed it.
Today, I decide to divorce you.
Tomorrow, we are going on the court.
Let's separate.

Soldier Ben (saying to his wife):

Why did you say coldly and foolishly?
Is this property? Are we robbing from whom?
Such a good property that we bleed and pressured to take it
Communist Party awarded us so good responsibilities.

Spy Hillary (answering to her husband):

You and I are different.
You were a coolie.
I was a sophomore.
That's why; I got married with you,
Because of my life was destroyed by Colonel Frank.
After I separated Wine, Colonel Frank raped me.
When I was pregnancy, he forced me to get married with you.
You were a monkey under my eyes.
Soon or later I feel that I were tedious.

Colonel Frank (by the way, colonel Frank visits Hillary and Soldier after Mrs. Frank left there):

Why are you quarreling more times?
Spouses look like hot water.

Spy Hillary (her finger shows directly to Soldier Ben and talks with Colonel Frank):

You know that he always thinks wrong way.
He told me to sell this house,
After that, we will escape to the United States
Then we can sell the communist documentaries to the US,
He has betrayed the Vietnamese communist Party.

Soldier Ben (talking to Colonel Frank):

Dear Sir
I would like you to find out it because I never say that.
Long lives our communist Party!

Colonel Frank (does not believe Soldier Ben):

You should not say any more.
Shut up your mouth
I helped you to have a good life but not betray me.

Spy Hillary (says aloud):

Dear Sir:
You should put him in the concentration camp.
His comrade is decadent
According to he altered to will have been astray
If not, we are going to be died by him.

Colonel Frank (glances to him pacing and angrily):

Comrade Ben should confess sincerely your fault.
You did something wrongly.
Now, I must put you in jail
For the long live Vietnamese communist Party

Act. III. Scene 2: Eighteen-year later, Wine, a musician, lives in his small house in Saigon DC. (Ho Chi Minh City) He also teaches at a famous university in Saigon.
Wine (Dressed a black suit, sitting on the chair in the third floor, just drinking wine, and looking out to Saigon City. He composes a poem):

Musician (Wine singing his song):

Love! Love is like a little boat.
Which floats in the rainstorm.
When the waves raise,
The large sea engulfs the boat.

Love! Love is like the lightly stars
They shine on the immense sky.
When the dark clouds come,
They cover all the stars.

Love is painful and sorrowful.
When one is lost by love
Life becomes nothing.
The tearful eyes are overflowing
From the true heart is hurtful.
Oh! Love is sorrowful and tearful...

When one who has cried lots for love
So she forgets quickly her love
Because her memories follow her tear

Rose (is a student who learns music from Wine's house. She’s happy and asks Wine):

Why did you not believe the tear of love?
For me, I think when people cry a lot,
They are fearful in love.
Why do you sing this song?

Professor Wine (answering):

I just compose: “The Tear for Love"
Because I do not believe my sweetheart's tear
Even though a girl cries a lot,
Not because she falls in love with me
But because she wants to cheat me
She pretends to love me,
In order to look for my money
When she has any thing from me,
She is ready to turn away and forgets everything.

Rose (loving Wine but she is very shy to express to him):

You think that love cheats
As you are beguiled by the tear for love
Whereas, I have cried lonely in the dark nights for my love,
But you would not ever understand for me.
So, is my tear to be true or lie?
What can I do for you?

Why do you have the old notion?
That women come to your life only by your money?
If some one who say to love you without any condition,
What do you think?

Professor Wine:

But how do I know she really love me
Or pretend to love me by other aim.
I am very tired with the cheating love of women.


If I say I fall in love with you,
What do you think?
Today, I confess sincerely
That I love you at the first time
I meet you in this school.
It is not good reason for a young girl to express my heart to a man,
But I cannot hide my confidant.
I need you understand and accept it.

Musician Wine (advice's her):

You are a young girl
Your life looks like a sweet rose.
It is not enough to open one's rose-petal.
Therefore, I cannot pluck this rose.


Oh babe! I cannot lose you.
I want to pay back what you lose in your life.

Musician Wine:

Please don't dream to be the cloud and wind.
Now, this is a guitar
You can start
So you just sing and exercise with this guitar
I am a teacher; I cannot love my student.
I am older than you and look like you father.
Please don't make me get troubles.

Rose (playing guitar and Wine has left home):

Dear professor
Please come back early,
I am always waiting for you anytime and anywhere.

Spy Hillary (Rose comes back home and plays guitar; Rose's mother sits and teaches her to sing):

Now, I teach you practice the guitar
And follow me step by step
This song is " A Mother Heart"
‘The Mother Heart looks like the Pacific Ocean,
Which welcomes a little boat, protects it
Even though, a thunderstorm comes, but a little boat
Which goes to an exultant goal insures.
The Mother Heart looks like the tranquil river,
Which bends around a poor village,
Sprinkles everything.

Soldier Ben (is released from the concentration camp. After seventeen years, he seeks his wife and daughter):

Suddenly, Hi! Little girl
Can I ask you a question?
Is this Hillary's house?

Rose (be mixing up, answering):

Yes. It is
Whom do you want to see?

Soldier Ben (cheer up):

Are you Rose?

Rose (brushing out laughing):

Yes. I am.
Who are you?

Ex- Soldier Ben (brush out crying):

I am your father.
You are my daughter
. I seek you
I love you so much.

Rose (smiles coldly):

Why did you not bring up me?
Did you abandon my mother and I?

Spy Hillary (in a hurry asks Soldier Ben):

For what why do you seek us?
Do you know clearly about me?

Ex- president Ben (kneeling next to Hillary's legs):

Dear Hillary!
I would like you forgive me.
Please give me an opportunity.
Hillary! Hillary!
Don't complain me! Don't complain me!
My heart and soul adore you forever
I beseech you to forgive me!
Because I fall in love with you
I never betray you!

Ex-colonel Frank (this time Colonel Frank retired because in 1979, the Chinese communists invaded Vietnam, and Frank followed Chinese communist. Therefore, Colonel Frank was fired by the right wings of Vietnamese communist. ‘Right wings follow Russian communists.' Then Mr. Frank often access to Hillary's home and cuts in):

Hi! Mr. Ben
Hum, when do you leave from concentration camp?
How are you today?

Ex- Soldier Ben (glancing, pacing and saying poignancy):

I appreciate that you have to protect me.
If not, I was died for eighteen years ago in the concentration camp.
How are you today?

Ex-colonel Frank (answering sadly):

I was fired by right wing.
Because I followed a Chinese groups
Since 1979, the Chinese communists invaded our country,
As the Right-wings followed the Russian communist,
They fired me.
Right now, I am worsted than you.

Spy Hillary:

I am very tired
Would you like to leave me alone?
I do not want you guys quarrel to each other in my home.


My Mom! Why do you say that?
I really don't understand what you mean.

Spy Hillary:

Oh! They compete to each other about you.
It is true that my daughter has two fathers.
Ex-colonel Frank is your father,
But he did not nourish you.
Another nourished you,
And took good care you when you were newborn.
However, now they were the political prisoners.

Ex-Soldier Ben (hears a story, and revenges, shoots Colonel Frank):

Oh! Mr. Frank, look at me!
I revenge you.
Because your hands were covered blood of innocence people
Now I will skill you.

Scene 3

(At Musician Wine's house, he wears his white suits, composes music, and enjoys playing guitar):

Musician Wine:

When I was born,
You did not bear
When I was thirty,
You were born,
When I am fifty,
You just turn twenty-one

. Rose (comes her professor):

Please open the door! Open the door!
Wine! Where are you?
Please help me! Please help me!
Wine! What are you doing?
Why do you not open door?

Musician Wine:

What happen?
Let me know, please!

Rose (biting her nail, ashamedly, saying)

Tomorrow, I will test music,
But now, I forget anything
I would like you to show me reviewing.
About “A Mother Heart"

Student North (suddenly comes home):

Dear brother
How are you doing?
Have you ever sought our mother?

Music Wine (smiling, mocking North):

I did not have mother
I only know my president Ho Chi Minh
Because he has given freedom to me
And gave me human rights.

Student North (is suffered by his voice's brother):

I beseech you forgive me!
I realize that where is right and wrong
And clearly understand to the communist essence
You and I and all Vietnamese people
Are deceived by the bloody hands of the red capitalist

Student North (says again and his hands hold his head to cry loudly):

Painfully! Our father lost your girlfriend
And our father was destroying Hillary’s life,
And those who dead!
How cruel the Vietnamese communist is!

Musician Wine (sadly says):

What can I do for my position?
Daily, the communist police have watched one me!
Vietnamese communists lose my human rights!
And my freedom of assemble is prohibited from communists!

Mrs. Frank (bringing an old bag, wearing torn clothing, she is homeless and a beggar):

Kowtow women!
Kowtow men!
Please give me some changes or food
Because I am a homeless woman
The cruel communists nationalize my property,
And they have banished me to the poor land.
Please help me! Please give me some changes or food!

Musician Wine (kneeling down, helping his mother):

Wow! Mom!
God saves me! Heaven helps me.
Suddenly, we have seen our mother.
Twenty years gone by, we hurt my mother.
Thank Heaven and God so much.

Student North (Sadly voice):

These fault that were belonged me
Because I have believed my father
And now, I appreciate Frank's father
His hands have covered full blood.

Mrs. Frank (cheerful says):

We should forgive him
His great sins will have comforted his dunces
Heaven-sent gift for us
Mother Vietnam offers gift for us.
Because the Vietnamese communists,
Who have been destroyed and separated our family,
Could not t have succeeded?
In the end, we re-separate.


Dear lady
I would like you to allow me
To stay with your family
Because I fall in love with Wine
Would you agree for me? Wouldn't you?
My duty and my responsibility would take good care you forever.

Spy Hillary (by then her Mom seeks Rose at Wine's house):

Hello Everybody!
Oh My God! Wine! Mrs. Frank! And North!
Are you getting well?
So, I never think this tragedy happens again this family!
It is so poignant! Because my Rose's daughter is a sister of Wine
Her communist father is Mr. Frank
And his hands soak in an innocent blood of Vietnamese.
Therefore, Vietnamese people, Vietnamese morality of tradition and culture,
Are suffered, ruined by the godless communists,
So, I would like to beseech everybody and Vietnamese people
Who forgive my faults, because I have followed them?

Bao loc concentration camp,

Lam Dong, 1980.