Bright Quang's doctrine

by Bright Quang

My Three Noble Paths and Five Rights
Bright Quang, a virtuous Vietnamese-American man, creates three noble paths and five rights that are a so-called surveying compass to push him to compass one�s purpose of true value because his life has passed through three international regimes like Communism, capitalism, and factionalism. For this reason, Communism oppresses and maltreats the innocent humankind; and it could not exist for the long run in the world. Capitalism is wiser than Communism super exploiting to the poor human race; it always builds up haters and war in the universe. And factionalism only sold its country and people to the foreigners; it lives with its luxury because it is a very narrow-minded, unlearning man, and lacks leadership capability. It has forgotten its nationalism. Accordingly, few Vietnamese leaders were henchmen (factionalism) of the Red Chinese, French colonists and American government; they followed foreign invasion policy and Americanism, destroyed Vietnam�s land, and betrayed the Vietnamese people. In the end, they ran on to their mother country of France, Red China, and America and became their nation�s betrayers. On the other side, the current Vietnamese Communist leaders adored their foreign Communism; they have oppressed and maltreated the Vietnamese people and dedicated some parts of Vietnam�s land to the Red Chinese Communists. They have then been arresting many religious leaders for over thirty years without reason and trial like superior monks Th�ch Qu�ng �ộ and Th�ch Huyền Quang. Today American Ambassador Michael Marine answered some questions of the Vietnamese Americans in San Francisco. He said, �The Vietnamese religious followers struggle for their religious freedom in Vietnam with the Vietnamese Communist government. They look like American crimes because they did not obey the American laws; therefore, the American police arrested them.� The former Southern Vietnamese officials send their petition to the Vietnamese Communist government, so American Ambassador Michael Marine does not receive their petition; he tells them to buy stamps and mail in the American Post Office. By every means the American government did not take advantage of the mask of anti-Vietcong because the American government would help the Vietnamese Communist government. It would hope the Vietnamese Communist leaders and people to help the American government fight the Red Chinese in the future when the American government produces many modern weapons. Therefore, Bright Quang, a Vietnamese-American creator, opens some new ways that happiness, source of life, and sorrow are three noble paths, and the right thoughtfulness, the right love, the right forgiveness, the right struggle, and the right independence are five rights. These paths and rights will carry on humankind to true value which means the human race lives peacefully without hate and war in the world. First of all, the three noble paths of happiness, source of life, and sorrow always stay in the heart, mind, and brain of people, but the people, forever and a day, run on for benefits and fight for the throne. According to the emperors, the conquest of the Earth, despoils mostly and means the taking their way from those who have a different complexion, slightly flatter noses than ourselves, and are not a pretty thing when Bright Quang is looking into it by his own eyes. They push the human race to the haters and wars, build a chaotic situation, and destroy the human peace and morality while their minds, brains, and hearts were blinded by powerful money and reputation. For example, some people fight for the throne. They could not be dead and their children might directly not fight with their enemy on the battlefield, but the poor and low social levels were burdened unfairly, sorrowfully and difficultly on their heads by the might. In fact, when the American government launched a campaign in Vietnam, many American powerful families did not participate in the Vietnam War nor face the dangers, but they escaped by their might and avoided death and wounds, so the poor and low social levels of American people should be killed. When they came to the summit of power, they gave an order to the poor and low social levels of the American people to fight the barbaric wars. Because the happiness of the American positions and powers are only enjoyed by every means of human death, they do not know how achieve the other happiness. Therefore, Bright Quang, a true Vietnamese American heart, chooses happiness that is a first noble path of his ideology because he thought happiness of humankind looked like his own. For example, the American people were happier than others because they had been driven their enemies out of the American land when they founded a state in the past. Because their lives were not trampled down, oppressed, and exploited by the foreign enemies, they were independent and happy. If they did not compel their invaded enemies, the American people could not have any happiness like the Iraqi people who lost their happiness by the American invasion, or the Vietnamese people who lost their freedom and democracy by the deceiving Americans. The white Americans could become slaves like the Black Americans because their invaded enemies ordered them to pay with the highest tax when the British colonists occupied the New World in the past. The American people were painful and sorrowful. Today, President Bush invaded Iraq, built a chaotic Iraqi situation, and destroyed the Iraqi country. The president of the United States trampled the Iraqi happiness down, but he was cruel in his happiness. Because his children and his wife did not have any broken happiness, he was interested in war; if his daughters might die in the Iraq War, the president would feel hurtful and unhappy; and if he thought he had lost his great happiness by the war, after that, he would not like any war. He would love a peaceful world more than his invasion policy. Thus his daughters have happily been enjoying beer and luxury in America. Their bodies did directly not attend war. They did not know any cruel war. President Bush did not know the cruel war when the American bombs and modern weapons crumbled the innocent Iraqis. If the Iraqi situation were transferred to the American people, President Bush should think of this event. In contrast, because he did not attend operations in Vietnam War, his fellows, poor friends, and unlearned Mexican American soldiers were killed on the Vietnam battlefields by the American invasion policy. As Black men were fighting with the foreign British and French militarism in the past, the whites did directly fight with their enemies. Today let him become the president of America; he declared war in Iraq. George W. Bush opened his placid smile when his hand held a Bible and his mouth prayed to God. Moreover, he did not have any sensations of the father or brother who was hurtfully choked by his brother or children killed in the battle, or his soldiers massacred many innocent Moslem Iraqis who were praying inside the Moslem temple. Ironically, Bush allowed Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld directly ordered his soldiers in Iraq that they freely arrested the innocent Iraqi people, barbarically punished many Iraqi prisoners, and exploited war news to them.
If the shocked hurts of the dead battle of the American people were transferred to the president of America, he perhaps would hate war more than Mr. Bright Quang. Bright Quang was painfully choked by the United States war in Vietnam, the American bombs robbed him of his great father, and four brothers of Mr. Quang were dead in the battlefields when the American government destroyed self-determination of the Vietnamese people and interfered into Vietnamese sacred rights. President Ho Chi Minh said to an Indian diplomatic envoy, Mr. Goburdhun, that Ngo Dinh Diem was a patriot in his way because Ho Chi Minh could wish to shake hands with President Ngo Dinh Diem. They might have peaceful coexistence. They could avoid war with each other; and another, on September 10, 1963, French Ambassador L�Alolonette said to American Ambassador Cadge Lodge that the American government should let Ngo Dinh Diem and Minister Pham Van Dong negotiate trade with each other, but the American government did not want that. The American government wished to pulverize the Vietnamese happiness to pieces; the American government wanted to protect American happiness more than someone else�s. In fact, President Nixon wished to fight for the throne when he opened his campaigned as a candidate for the presidency of his two terms; he put his happiness over the Vietnamese happiness. Kissinger and he delighted when they saw the Vietnamese people and South soldiers died and detained in 1975.
When the American government was selfish and narrow minded, it wished to sink human happiness to the dirty mud when the universe was poor and undeveloped. The American government then controlled it for the long run because the American government took war and nourished war to earn good benefits. For example, in the approximate decades of 1960 and 1970, the American government invaded Vietnam, opened the barbaric war, and destroyed the environment, hospitals, schools, houses, and three million Vietnamese people. The American government made the Vietnamese people poor. After the American government had finished its game, the American soldiers left there and ran away, so the Vietnamese people had lost freedom, democracy, and poorness to the present. In fact, after the American government destroyed Vietnam�s land, it opened war in the Middle East. It took advantage of the mark of American freedom and democracy to kill dictatorial regimes in the Middle East and to sow sufferings to Moslem people.
The shocking matter of September 11, 2001 that the government of Germany had noted it to the American government that the terrorists could attack the International Trade Center before one day, as the business Germans did not go to work there, because they realized that a terrible event might destroy it. The Central Intelligence Agency and American government ignored it; they could have a good chance to retest their new weapons on the worldwide Moslems. Because the American government could be delighted to this event; it could put an excuse of Moslem terrorists, declare war on worldwide Moslems, and invade to some Moslem countries. When the CIA and FBI had secretly been operating in over one hundred countries in the world, the greatest FBI secretly operated in the fifty-two states, but they had ignored this special event. The American spies did not only know that President Ho Chi Minh had anal hair but also counted exactly American women�s pubic hair because they combined the white lies of Ho Chi Minh with President Washington. The American spies were stupid because they combined wrongly Ho Chi Minh and Washington. President Washington founded a state and expelled the foreign enemies out of the New World, but President Ho Chi Minh was a white lie man since he recopied the foreign Communist policy to apply in Vietnam. He followed foreigners to sell his nation to the International Communists. He and President Washington used different ideologies.
The Moslem spies in America had been learning for two years to fly airplanes, but the American FBI and CIA could not find them; they were supported by secret American spies. The CIA and FBI got high salaries from the American people�s taxes, but they betrayed the American people when they had been nourishing the American terrorists. They built a great event; let them open war with the worldwide Moslems. What did their duty and responsibility do on their job? Bright Quang wondered about the modern Central Intelligence Agency of the American government because it was a super spy system in the world, but the CIA and FBI misunderstood it. Thus, after the September 11, 2001, had occurred, the American government invaded Afghanistan and Iraqi countries. The CIA and FBI strongly ignited the American hearts to hate Moslem terrorists by every means. The CIA and FBI sternly warned against terrorists, but the exact event did not issue any terror in America for some year ago. For example, President Ho Chi Minh had respected Vietnamese happiness. He could not recopy Communism to apply in Vietnam because he had led his soldiers who fought with the South Vietnamese soldiers. After three million Vietnamese people were killed by his foreign followers, the Vietnamese people lost freedom and democracy and were poor than the worldwide people for seventy years, but his subordination were happier than the Vietnamese people. In fact, the Vietnamese people had earned one hundred and fifty dollars per years in the year 2000, Generals L� Khả Phi�u, L� �ức Anh, General Secretary N�ng �ức Mạnh, Minister Phan Văn Khải, and President Congress Nguyễn Văn An, had bribed over one billion dollars. They become bribe takers, trampled the Vietnamese happiness down, and pushed Vietnam�s land to an undeveloped country because they only knew their happiness, but did not know the happiness of others. They did not know many Vietnamese families of dead soldiers who did not have any rice for living day by day. The families of dead soldiers were unhappier than the American dogs and cats. The Vietnamese people were like cats� and dogs� lives because their happiness was nothing. In fact, the president of the Vietnamese Communist government, Trần Đức Lương, who received his salary of $260 dollars per month, had bribed the Vietnamese property; he became the richest leader when the Vietnamese people were unhappy because they were starving. President Trần Đức Lương owned five luxurious hotels in Saigon City and Hanoi DC., owned six hectometers of farms in Đồng M�, H� T�y Province, and two thousand square meters in Tuần Ch�u District, Quảng Ninh Province, and one billion American dollars. He did not consider to the Vietnamese happiness. Meantime, most of the Vietnamese peasants did not have any piece of land to cultivate or to build a residence on. In addition, former Generals Tran Thien Khiem and Nguyen Van Thieu pushed the Vietnamese happiness to the bottom of dirty mud. They only respected their own happiness because they followed the American invasion policy. They did not know how to fix the disastrous situation of the Vietnamese people when they deleted the South Vietnamese government. Generals Tran Thien Khiem and Nguyen Van Thieu defended the interests and happiness of the American government more than their people. Therefore, after they betrayed the Vietnamese people, escaped to America, and enjoyed their happiness, they saw over a million Southern people who died when the innocent people had found freedom. The Vietnamese Communist government sent them to many concentration camps for a long time; most of them left Vietnam on the ocean to find freedom.
Finally, the American leaders did not have any consideration to the American people�s happiness, but they first protected their happiness over that of the American population. For example, many millions of the homeless Americans live without food and home; they are starved by the cruel American policy, so the American government does not have any good policy to help them. When the American people were young, their salary paid the highest taxes to their government. When they became old, their retirement age increased to sixty-five and seventy years. The American people looked like oranges, so the American government squeezed the juice out of the sweet oranges. For example, the state of California used considerable expense to revote governor when it fought for the throne, but it did not help any homeless Americans. When the cold winter came, the homeless Americans did not have any residences. They became ill, went to the public hospitals, and slept some nights. Meantime, the American government spent over two billion dollars on its war in Iraq, but the American government did not have any program to help the homeless Americans. When the American people were young, they worked to adequately pay taxes, when they were committed and judged by the unfair laws, the American government left them. Truly, the American prisoners were much as the same as seven million Laotian people when the American government felt them to Communism in 1975. When the United States had approximately six million, eight hundred thousand American prisoners, the American government did not have any good program to enlighten them to be honest-minded, so the fate of the American prisoners looked like the Laotian people. In fact, B�i Tấn Hoang was a Vietnamese American man, in Westminster, California, who caused a car accident; he always ran when the police were looking for him. Charles Shinn was an American policeman, driving a police car to capture him after he wounded him; the American policeman was a barbaric man. Because he had known the American laws, he committed a crime. The American police had no concern to others� happiness when the American police should follow the cruel American law because the American laws more heavily punished the American people than educated them. The American police always thought their people looked like the battle�s enemy without pity.
If the American leaders should donate their warmhearted brainpower to the American people, they should separate part of their happiness to the American people and the universe because their happiness looks the American people and humankind, so the worldwide people could live in peace and build human happiness. The American leaders would not have open war in the world because the American government would not have any authority to break into other countries of the world. The American government has built many enemies, so the worldwide enemies of the American government could attack America because the American superpower did not win any hearts of the human races, but the American government only took the might makes right path. That was against the natural law. The American government did not have rights to make an Interpol man of humankind.
Second, Bright Quang, a real Vietnamese-American man, esteemed the source of life of humankind that is as important as his own life because the natural weather is sometimes raining, sometimes transferring to the sun, and suddenly changing to a storm or thunderstorm; for example, in the sea is enough to have many kinds of fish and many colorful corals, producing many wonderful species. On the other hand, the forest has many colorful flowers when it is happy, but when it is sad its blossoms fade. As a result, the worldwide humankind is to have poly cultures, religions, freedoms, and traditions differently. Source of life to them is different than the American style, so the American government should not be able to compel them to drop their special cultures, religions, freedoms, and traditions, and then it replaces the American culture. Let them follow the American cultures that went to opposite to natural law. For example, a source of the American education did not depend on the American family, but it based on free love, loose living, and high life that were different to a source of Oriental studies because the former Vietnamese education is based on a special way of life, a healthy life style, and simple living. However, the American government should always wish to delete the source of Oriental studies, replace the American life, and use the American power to force it; that was opposite to natural law. For example, the American students in high school were taught free love, loose living, and high life by their teachers. The teachers taught the students, and they said, �You were born by your parents who were free love to each other; and therefore, they could not have any rights to punish you. If you were punished by your parents, you should go out of your family. We should introduce you to a special camp where we would nourish you.� The way of American studies suited the American style, but did not suit with Oriental studies and other races. In the way of educational life of Oriental people, they taught their students and said, �You were born by your parents who wished to dream you to have a wise son. You will grow up, drive your enemy out of your nation to protect your people, and repay your piousness to your parents because your mother had hardly been bearing you for ten days and nine months when you were a baby in your mother�s stomach. Your father had fought against many invaded enemies out of your nation. You have a peaceful time, to sit here, and to study.� In some cases, the Oriental students feel to adore their parents and teachers, listened to their father, and obeyed their mother. They were disciplined to be polite children. Each time they did something wrong they badly worried to influence their parents. They should stop their criminal action and violence because they were bound by their family honor. In contrast, the American students would not adore any men like their parents and teachers because they were taught by the loose living method. For example, the teachers said, �You were born by your parents who were free to love each other and grudged bearing you.� Therefore, the outcome of free love, loose living and high life taught sex to the American students; their minds could not have any parents� picture in their brain because sex looked like opium. We cannot let any student test it. According to the Vietnamese, the Vietnamese teachers taught their students when they described to the Vietnamese students by every means of the natural laws. For example, the Vietnamese teacher described sex to the students, and he or she explained, �Sex is most important for life because the existence of humankind leaves generations to generations. However, you see birds or fish; no one taught sex to them, but during the spring season the birds sing, enjoy, and dance in the flower forest. The autumn season they fly in the blue sky, take a shower in the river, and they couple with each other. They give birth. Yet, according to a young Vietnamese student, you only study hard, help your parents at home, and you should be polite with your teachers and old men. You could not consider sex because whatever is coming to you, it should come to you; if the thing could not yet come to you, you are better not to seek it.� Therefore, the young Vietnamese students, at least, could not imagine sex in their minds because they are carefully bent by a trellis. Ironically, in America, an American teacher had sex with her young student, her student is twelve years old, but she is thirty-two years old. So the American morality was degraded by free love. Moreover, between the American parents and children was no moral validity; take the case of an American mother could not nourish her daughters because she had been working overtime to pay many bills and taxes. She gave her daughters to the American sisterhood, and then her daughters grew up and complained to the American court because she maltreated them. According to American education, the teacher�s job was business, to earn more benefits, and keep a job for the long run. The American teacher did not dare consider the future of the student because the teacher and student agreed to buy and agreed to sell. When the American students needed intelligence, they went to school, so the American teachers sold their intelligence to them. By every means, the American student should pay nothing, so the American teacher ought to teach them.
Finally, the American government cannot force other races that should follow the American source of style, but anyone could not violate the American style. For example, the American government was narrow minded because it had been going the opposite way, fighting against the natural law, and making the might is right policy. It follows that the American government is the best to consider the course of the American life. It takes the place of a patient with brain damage Mrs. Terri Shiavo; she could not be alive again. She wishes to remove a feeding tube out of her body because she wishes death; the American Congress quickly meets to declare a bill that could not agree to give her death. President Bush dropped his vacation, returned to Capital Hill, and signed a bill against her death because the course of life of a person should be protected by the American justice. Therefore, the worldwide people are very impressed by the American Congress and President Bush.
Ironically, President Bush gave an order to his soldiers to pillage many innocent Iraqi people including young children, women, and old men when the American bombs massacred the innocent Iraqi people without pity and philanthropy. The American Congress and President Bush have undressed themselves and invited the worldwide people to see their dirty backs. If the American Congress and President Bush might respect the source of Iraqi life, the worldwide people would respect American justice. However, an American patient wishes death, but the American Congress and President Bush give an order about survival rights when humankind did not have happiness like Mrs. Terri Shiavo.
In addition, the American government did not respect Vietnamese sovereignty. It trampled the Vietnamese tradition down; let it popularize its American democracy in order to deceive the Vietnamese and worldwide people. When its invasion doctrine took advantage of the mask of Americanism anti-Communism, it was defeated out of Vietnam by the International Communists. The American government ashamedly returned to fondle the Vietnamese Communists, sold its fellows to the Vietnamese Communists after the American government destroyed the Vietnamese land, and by every means ran away to look like the sea robbers who were full of guilty consciences. In fact, when the American invasion policy came to South Vietnam, it solemnly promised adequate things to lead astray Vietnamese patriot, and to lead the noses of the South Vietnamese generals who sold Vietnamese nationalism to Americanism. After the American government had finished its invasion policy, it betrayed its South Vietnamese fellows. After approximate twenty years had passed, the deceived American government barbarically left the South Vietnamese soldiers without pity. It borrowed the hands of the International Humanity Operation negotiated with the Vietnamese Communist government, bought former South Vietnamese prisoners for the cheapest prices, brought us to the United States, and retrained us to work with the lowest jobs that the American people had never been doing. Once time deceived one, man did not believe a thousand fold truthfulness of it. After thirty years had gone by, the American prestige was lost by the Vietnam War. By every means in opening war, the American soldiers invaded Iraq; they destroyed all of the Iraqi arts systems like a few of the oldest Iraqi temples which had been built over five thousand years ago. The American bombs crumbled them when the American source of art is increasing in the world, but the American government destroys other human sources of styles.
For example, American education had been teaching its arts to the American students, but I was a Vietnamese artist, ex-political prisoner, and came here by the International Humanitarian Operation, and the main American government sponsored me. However, when I came to the United States, the American government trained me to be a coolie who worked with the American criminals and mental cases. It taught me to look like an American crime. My honor was dropped off under the lowest of social American levels. If I did not come to the United States, I sequentially thought that the American society was better than other countries in the world, but the road to the United States showed me many types of offal. The luxurious, modern, and new American things looked like a cheater who wore very luxurious and expensive complete suits; let him deceive the poor and unlearned men. For example, according to the children, they were happily not enjoying property of their robber father, not admiring his job, and not proud of personality like the American people who did not want their government invading foreign countries; it massacred human life and deceived honest people. However, I would not condemn the American source of style because when in Rome do as the Romans do, but I wished the American government would not trample other foreign happiness and human dignity in the world down again since the American Constitution declared �That all men are creative equal.� Third, Bright Quang, a patient Vietnamese-American man, endures sorrow because he is healed from sorrow only by experiencing it chock-full. Therefore, human sorrow looked like an own life of him all his sorrows are bearable if he has more rice. For example, after approximately twenty years, the American government had been sowing a lot of sorrows in Vietnam and a few countries in the world. In fact, when the American government ashamedly demeaned to sign a treaty for peace in Paris, France, with the Vietnamese Communists, it tricked one out of the South Vietnamese government, and quickly had to retreat its soldiers out of Vietnam. It sowed so much suffering to the Vietnamese people because the American superpower did not keep any promises in the treaty. Ironically, the American government self betrayed its policy because American justice had ordered the American people to take an oath of truth without lying and cheating before they came to the court or received a new important event. However, the American government deceived the Vietnamese people, sowed a lot of sorrows, and maltreated them. Especially barbaric to all of the former South Vietnamese leaders who were swindled by an American superpower, they looked like the unlearned or blind boys; they had sought a big tricked teacher; and they wished to study religious freedom and democracy, but their master was using bait and switch. In fact, the American people had been burdened with sorrows in the past when the foreign countries were cruelly controlling this New World. The American government and people did not rethink a lot of painful outcomes from the past; now they continued to spread them to the whole world and the Vietnamese people. The American government was headstrong while it knew that the foreign invasion policy should be overturned by the sacred patriots because the American government did not realize any maxim that said, �Know yourself and your enemy, you will come out victorious in a hundred battles.� For this reason, the American government invaded Vietnam, and the American people were ashamed. The American history could clearly not wash away the worst invasion. Next, the American government will be ashamed in the Iraq War because it had thought that its modern weapons and army airplanes must press the Iraqi hearts down, but the Iraqi patriots were stronger than the American modern weapons.
Bright Quang, a logical Vietnamese-American man, believes that humankind exactly realizes his five rights, so the whole world should lived peacefully without hate and war when it must understand the five rights. Because Heaven and Earth produce humankind and every living thing, they wish them to peacefully live and love each other without hate and war. Therefore, Heaven and Earth have built all things, distributed to each race that has its own nation, and given each animal its own food.
For example, the deer eats the younger leave and grasses. It is healthy, but does not fight with the other animals. It does not have any foodstuff storage, but it does not starve. For example, the United States has signed many laws to protect the animals everywhere in the United States; all animals live in peace, sing and dance under the beautiful sky. They do not fear any one who captures them. Moreover, many kinds of trees are green and in blossom. But the animals that live in many poor countries were massacred by some part of the starved humankind and low ideas. The trees were destroyed by the poor humankind. In contrast, the barbarization of the American government was revealed in the Vietnam War by every means including creating more orange dioxin poison to use in war. The American government annihilated whole environments, economies, and the Vietnamese people. If before the American government were able to my five rights, the American government would not become a barbaric superpower in the world, but the American government would be so-called morally good. Quang�s five rights might treat the malicious hearts of American leaders and worldwide leaders to return to the true, the good, and the beautiful. His five rights of thoughtfulness, love, forgiveness, struggle, and independence are much the same as the holy torch which shines in the darkest firmament of war and crime. The unfair America government has revealed its non-philosophical philanthropists when the Supreme Court judged a lawsuit of American chemical companies that committed war crimes against Vietnamese citizens by making Agent Orange in Brooklyn, New York. Presiding judge Jack Weinstein, a federal judge on Thursday of March 10, 2005, dismissed a lawsuit charging that American chemical companies committed war crimes against Vietnamese citizens by making Agent Orange. The defoliant poison used during the Vietnam War caused birth defects, miscarriages and cancer. He said, �There is no basis for any of the claims of plaintiffs under the domestic law of any nation or state or under any form of international law.� The federal judge of District Judge Jack Weinstein in Brooklyn wrote in a 233-page ruling, �The case is dismissed.� Lawyers who filed the lawsuit on behalf of some four million Vietnamese argued that Agent Orange, which is laden with the highly toxic chemical dioxin, was a poison barred by international rules of war. Lawyers for Monsanto, Dow Chemical, and more than a dozen other companies said they should not be punished for following what they believed to be the legal orders of the nation�s commander in chief. Furthermore, when the American government invaded Iraq, arrested President Hussein, and judged him to be guilty war crimes; it gave an order to President Hussein to make reparation to Kuwait. The American government valuing the Vietnamese Communist government of law was base because it did not know how to administer capital laws. For this reason, the cruelest war crimes of the American government in the Vietnam War were obvious, but the American government in a bad state does not dare admit its dirty duty because the hearts of the American government are not philanthropic.
In addition, Bright Quang thinks that the American law is unfair to the Vietnamese people and former South Vietnamese soldiers because the American government invaded Vietnam which was opposite to natural law, but the American government did not dare admit its dirty work. This event should make the worldwide people estimate that American government is immoral. When the American government could not win all the hearts of humankind, the American people hated their government. Therefore, when the American government opened war in Vietnam and Iraq, the American people left their country to refuge in Canada. Likewise, the prisoner named Nichols had been jailed for the last six months had faced a possible life prison sentence if convicted for rape. Perhaps the American court judged him unfairly when he came to the courtroom. The shootings took place around 9:00 a.m. on Friday, March 11, 2005�the fourth day of Nichols' trial. Nichols had been facing a re-trial on charges of rape, sodomy, burglary, and false imprisonment, among others, after his earlier trial ended in a hung jury a week ago. In the courtroom, he shot Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes dead, the court reporter was killed, and four people were wounded in Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia; after that, he carjacked a reporter's vehicle to escape and he was captured the next day by the police. If the American law is fair, Bright Quang thinks that prisoner Nichols would not do that because the judge did not have any hate for him.
Haven and Earth give America fertile soil. Let it produce cereals and foodstuffs to supply for living. For this reason, America has more golden fields than other countries, but in Africa Heaven and Earth gives more diamond fields and poor soil. The Middle East has more oil fields, does not have any god, and in Europe, Heaven and Earth give more talented men. Heaven and Earth do not wish the universe to fight each other, but the bad heart of humankind wished to fight each other, to build many wars, and to massacre each other. Because humankind�s greed was more than the animals, its human heart was inferior to animals. For example, both dogs were hungry for food; they fought each other when you dropped a bone. When they filled their stomachs, they rested and stopped fighting. However, humans, when starved, strongly fight for food, and when their stomachs are filled, they continue to fight forever to accumulate properties. Because humankind does not have any rights, it always opens war and crime; Bright Quang, a virtuous Vietnamese-American man, for example, believes in right thoughtfulness, right love, right forgiveness, right struggle, and right independence. Bright Quang has called these his five dignifies of mind, brain, and heart of humans that are better than animals. His own goals are considered in himself equal to the light of a torch which shines inside the malicious hearts of leaders who always open war and crime in the world. He created a poem:
I take up my Torch in the darkness
When we travel the long road
My Torch is not snuffed out by the wind.
It burns bright in the rainstorm, my flame
Helping bright all to see in the darkness
Our way is difficult, hearts warned
By my torch when life becomes to hard
And disappointing, my Torch shines for all
In every direction, leading to mutual respect
According to his goals that first shine on the road to the United States, which Bright Quang goes on, in order to compass his purpose, he investigates the true events of the present of American society and government. Significantly, Quang has explained his five rights. These continue from the bottom of his heart, his message in conformity with the circulated law of Heaven and Earth. How does a man from South Vietnam do so? Here, Quang, a Vietnamese poet and sculptor, a Southern man, who knows as it really is, because of right thoughtfulness expresses himself in the need for self-esteem in life. If we did not sow an apple tree, we did not reap any apples, and in the same way, we could not work within our right thoughtfulness unless we become nothing in life. We can look at a group of termites: they are smaller animals, but they have had the right thoughtfulness in themselves, and therefore, they build a wonderful bigger nest in the great achievement when they have only a great leader. They organize super social levels, perfectly discipline rights, strongly employ a system, and construct modern architecture when they use their termite resources and termite talents without other ones.
First, the termites have a great lord. The duty and responsibility of a termite lord controls over a billion termite workers. She directly orders one group of branch leaders, tells them to work step by step, and gives an order one by one. Moreover, the termites are divided into few groups; for example, a group of termites fight to protect their house. When the termite fighters see their enemy, they quickly tell to their leader. One side of them fights against their enemy. The other side alarms the whole nest so they are available to defend their lord and nest. If their enemies destroy their nest, they quickly repair then and there while they are fighting against their enemy. Second, the social termite is disciplined fairly from lord to worker. This termite society does not commit any rule because they are self-esteemed in themselves. We do not see them fight each other or fight for food. They are working overtime in their areas. The termite workers carry material at the bottom to the summit when they build their nest. They build a modern architecture whose height frequency is approximately two meters when their material is entirely yellow clay, but they do not use any machine or tool. The termite society does not invade other animals or open war in other areas after they decide to choose their nation because of their thoughtfulness at high levels.
Should we be inferior to them? Therefore, nothing great is ever achieved without thoughtfulness. In fact, the American government is to have the greatest leaders like Presidents Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The American people are proud of them forever. Presidents Washington and Lincoln did not invade other countries or open war against everyone. President Washington founded a state and President Lincoln emancipated the slaves in the United States. The American people worked hard to build a nation. They did not create hate or war with their neighbors or in the world. If now, the president of the United States paid attention to detail, he could help the American people more than now. The American people are hard working; incidences of Americans owning houses are lower than other people in the world. The American people and American government look like landlordism and tenants. Because the American people had industriously been working overtime for their landlords, the owners gave them a little benefit and traveling so the poor American people had enough to live, but the American people did not own more things because the American government signed many cruel laws. For example, the American people had earned ten thousand dollars, so the FBI investigated their file. If the American people wished to buy a little house, they should pass many conditionally difficult laws. It ought to request the income tax of the buyer and loan at the bank when the house cost should be up to two hundred thousand dollars; it had blown this house out of all proportion by the powerful. When in a poor country much the same as Vietnam, I bought or built my house. After the Vietnamese government registered me with the housing sovereignty, I easily built my house. The former South Vietnam government did not need any income tax or loan. In the United States they signed many bills which looked like spiders� webs, and could like them only entangle and hold the poor American people and the weak, while the rich and powerful might easily break through them because the American government took interest from them. For this reason the American leader lacks additional thoughtfulness in mind, brain, and heart, he lacks good faith to consider the poor people. He does not realize many difficult laws of the constructed houses and bought houses when the United States is the largest country, but most American people do not own any land of square acres and a house. However, the American leaders always look for researching more laws of the paid taxes; they take money from the American people�s deep pockets, create invasion policy, and open war. Thus, a good leader who controls his country does not have any crime, not build a lot of prisons, and not have more homeless people because the leader has lacked in thoughtfulness, so his country is full of the worst views and chaotic situations.
Accordingly, the parents of a family head are to have thoughtfulness so their children are polite, pious, and disciplined because their parents always dedicated and sacrificed their whole life to take care of the children. The children are not only respecting their parents but also obeying national laws and avoiding criminals. Because their parents� thoughtfulness always considers them, teaching them to be well-known men and perfectly nourishing them, they always listened to public opinion, learned new thing, and taught their children. For example, Bright Quang was not only thoughtfully listening to the polite society but also learned from many great educators; and he created a poem, �The Necessity of Learning.�
Get ready to learn great things.
Never forget what we have learned
From our teachers, straining to hear, listening
To reason. We wash out our ears and turn away
To avoid error and wrong. The Golden Realm
And the jade Mount never last long
While one poem lasts forever, the flowers
And grass turn toward the sun for strength.
Illiterate men have no future.
According to the children, they look at their honest, moral, and attentive parents; after that they would not dare bother their parents because they worry they would badly influence their family. For example, their parents work hard to earn good money, serve the cause of the family, and always immediately remind them of good morality. Those looked like a gardener who planted a young tree. He always irrigated with water and gave good soil to it, so this tree blossomed beautifully. Therefore, the children are disciplined and taught by the attention to detail of their parents. Their duty and responsibility could perfectly contribute to their family and nation. The children were of gentle disposition. As a result, Bright Quang said, �Thoughtfulness is the eldest child of wisdom.� Otherwise, the children were perfectly not disciplined by their parents. They could become bad children when they grew up. They were rascals by nature. They went to the public. They did not obey any law, when their rascals committed crimes, the police should kill them. The parents could lose their children since the parents had not nourished them for a long time. What, Bright Quang, is the right of love? We are all born for love and it is the principal of existences and its only end. When we see that a mother gives birth to a son, we see how she loves her son because when she becomes pregnant, she has been suffering for ten days and nine months, working overtime to earn good money and forgetting herself when she got sick or sad. Therefore, she loves her son more than everything in her life. �How much better,� says Bright Quang, who has defined love: �Love is two hearts making one, or Love is one heart and billions and billions of hearts make together one.� He also explains that the sweetest joy and the wildest woe is love. Significantly, we look at a species of animal like the horse. When one of them gets sick, his entire group does not eat any grass. For example, Bright Quang has seen a mother monkey that is wounded by a hunter and the mother monkey is holding her child, but the she does not drop her child, so the hunter continuously shoots her. She is dead holding on the tree�s branch, but she still holds her child. Therefore, if we would be loved, we must love and be lovable. We are to be super humankind, and why are we to be inferior more than animals? We had been massacring humankind in the world. In fact, many superpowers in the world, like the British, French, Spanish emperors were defeated by sacred national patriotism because they did not have any human love. They went against the natural law of Heaven and Earth. Now the United States would not learn from them. It is continuously going on the dirty way, invading other countries, and destroying human love because the American leader has come from loose living, free love, and high life. Its society respects physical more than mental morality because humankind had thoroughly been tied for over a billion years ago by every means of dogma, dictator, and feudalist that ruled humankind. Today, the American style doctrine unlocks them, opens free love, loose living, and high life. However, the American government could not compel its free love doctrine on other races, because each race has a different style. The United States could not take the might makes right, not use violence to oppress other moralities, and not rule the honest humankind in the world because the American style is loose-living which could not apply to other races. The American parents and children do not have any piousness and attachment to each other; the parents were given a child by their free love without noble feelings. For example, an American father, Jackie Lee Shrader, was born in 1956 in Bluewell City, West Virginia, and his son was named Harley Lee Shrader, born in 1981. During Sunday night�s dinner, they fought each other because the American father and son did not agree on how cook chicken. They were discordantly disputing about the cooked chicken, but they did not beat and lose each other. In the end, the American father and son fought with guns while they were having dinner, stopped eating, and shot each other. Their dinner became a public trial; they did not consider the great loyalty and deep love of fatherhood. He shot his son who was suffered head injuries from the gun. This event was caused d by American free love and loose living, so the American education and morality were not completely caused by American leaders. When we judge a super modern country which should have adequate sides, we could not realize one side like American science technology and super economics. We could fearfully not see many skyscrapers or great missiles, but we look at the bottom of American society. The worst love of American society was hidden by the American skyscrapers and missiles when incidences of homeless American people are increasing and unfair societies should overtake the American skyscrapers and missiles. Briefly, the parents had taken great loyalty and deep love to protect the children that was much the same as American leaders should love their people. Their love should be able to suit a man who purges himself of error; his family will be well governed. If the dreamy leader fights for the throne, he would not consider his poor people because his heart is without love. The moral leader always concerns himself about humankind above his own interests, and he first serves the poor people over the rich men.
It follows that Bright Quang is philanthropic. First of all, when the war destroyed his homeland, many people left their homes to find freedom and they lived in a refugee camp. They did not have any rice or clothes; they starved with empty bellies. These situations made an impression on him. As a result, he sold his wedding chain to pay for some food to donate to them. Most victims of the war lost their loved ones as well as their limbs. Arms and legs were replaced with wooden pegs. When they received his gift, saw cheer on their faces, they were poor, they approved of his gift. Later, when his wife asked for his salary, he said, �I did not have it.� I offered it to some patients in the hospital because no one would help them. Some people spend money like water in the casino; their actions looked like sparks flying into the flame. Distributing his salary to many patients is more valuable than the gambler gambling. Across the road he saw an aged woman begging money to buy blood to rescue her son. Quickly he came from his car to help her across the street. The situation of this woman was very painful to his heart! He imagined her life looked like his mother, because his mother usually sacrificed her own life for him, her only son. He could not deny this woman�s worries so he volunteered to help her, and he dedicated his blood to her son in the hospital. After that, he saw her face appeared hopeful. Her son would revive. He was happy to donate to her some word. In short, if we would be unloved, we have suffered, and are sad. Therefore, to a mother, a child is everything; but to a child, a mother is only like a link in the chain of existence, and then she loves her child that is to be her religion. The tear of felt life always ran down, so the greatest leader should love the poor people more than his fame. Therefore, Bright Quang loves mankind as if it were the pupils of his eyes. He says, �A good heart is of valued more than the biggest skyscraper.�
Bright Quang, is the right of forgiveness? Quang thinks that he should be able to dedicate his life to mankind because its happiness looks like his own. Its source of life is as important as his life, and its sorrow looks like his own, and he has thought about the noble rights of forgiveness before; it is more blessed to give than to receive. Someone could not be generous to forgive someone when that one has a fault because Quang carefully refers this situation to as a cruel tiger. While the tiger is hungry, he is strongly, cruelly fighting others in order to get his food. When his belly is full, he is sweetly sleeping. On the other hand, according to mankind, when a person is hungry, he always fights to earn his food. He has already filled his belly, so he would not stop his fight, but he wants to be the richest, more than others, because he has lost his generosity, forgiveness, or philanthropy. Therefore, Quang compares humankind and animals and he has seen that humankind has lost his generosity like the tiger. Quang then brings forgiveness into his way when Quang says �Among the attributes of God, although they are all equal, forgiveness shines with even more brilliance than justice.�
For this reason, the American government has lost its forgiveness, because Quang said, �It is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend.� When the American government was a superpower in the world, it was defeated in the Vietnam War. It had forgiven the Vietnamese Communist government that committed to the treaty for peace in Paris, but it did not forgive a smaller and poorer country like Afghanistan. The American government looked like a great boxer who fought with a weaker boy. That was much the same as the United States opted for shamefulness� in itself. Meanwhile, the American government lost the Vietnam War by eighty million Vietnamese people. Its Americanism did not achieve to communicate American democracy to Indochina, but the invasion signboard of the American government, in turn, invaded the Iraqi country without true reason. When the American government had to campaign the United Nations to place an embargo against Iraq for over ten years, the American soldiers invaded Iraqi country without true reason. The American government had lost its noble deed, and forgiveness was lost by a high opinion of superpower in itself. The American government only oppressed too few smaller countries, but it did not dare to oppress the biggest countries like Red China. When the army airplane of the Red Chinese was at Lingshui Air Base, located on Hainan Island in the South China Sea, it was 8:45 a.m., local time, on April 1, 2001, and the United States Navy EP-3E Aries II surveillance aircraft were flying eighty miles off China's coast. President Bush could provoke war with the Red Chinese but China was strong idea. The American government would go down in intonation of war. If this event should transfer to Iraq or North Korea, the American government would not forgive them.
Therefore, Bright Quang said, �If someone ruined my house, I would not avenge him because he is of low intelligence.� Because the United States is the richest, super country, it went to war with a smaller and poorer country like Iraq. The American government is lower intelligence than Iraq. Therefore, when the American soldiers invaded Iraq, the whole world condemned the American government. In fact, the American prestige in the whole world was broken by its invasion policy in Iraq. Eight of ten powerful countries were polled by the worldwide newspapers and their people condemned the American government as barbaric because it invaded Iraq. When it had been invading Iraq without reason, it supported Israeli terrorists who massacred the innocent Palestinians. Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia, and Germany condemned the American government as a barbaric superpower more than other empires in the world. It does not realize that it is Godlike to punish some barbaric men, but manlike to forgive. Therefore, the United States will be punished by the holy sky. In his opinion Bright Quang said, �A small, stiff tree breaks more easily than a flexible one.� Because the American government was narrow minded, it was a superpower but it invaded too many small countries. It had revealed its untrue heart because it was a hypocrite when it declared, �One Nation under God.� God did not like the hypocrite; it respected forgiveness over the hate and war. Therefore, Quang said, �I thought a person liked war with every country, so he lost the wisdom of life.�
According to the United States War in Vietnam, the American bombs were not only destroying Vietnamese land but also massacring Vietnamese people to include his four brothers and his great father. His hate poured in his poetry, and he wrote a poem:
�War looks like a hole,
It buries many people
All of them lack paddies,
Yet, the bombs crumble their bodies.�
Next, Quang writes about the right of struggle. Because Quang�s thoughts that the struggle is not warlike or avaricious, or violent or terrorized, he is to encompass his purpose of the need of justice. He would build a polite society where everyone respects laws, making good duty and performing perfect responsibility of civil duty because we would all be created equally in society without crimes and unfairness. If not, we would be like a well without water, and our lives like a young tree, which falls in the deep forest and no one hears its sound.
Here, Quang defines the struggle and he says, �Self-conquest is the greatest of victories.� For example, when Quang with an empty stomach and terrific hunger picks up five hundred dollars of Vietnamese money on the street, he did not spend it for food, but he returned it to the police, so he has conquered himself. After that, he says, �When barbaric emperors combine, the good must associate else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice, in a contemptible struggle.� Therefore, we discover a light road to go without anybody. For example, Quang, a Southern lieutenant, sculptor, and ex-political prisoner, was maltreated by the American government when he came to the United States. He was sponsored to the United States by the International Humanity Operation when the American government invaded Vietnam. According to American labor law, the American owners should provide reparation to their employees if they were damaged by injury at work, death, and the owners� companies were closed, but the American government invaded Vietnam without a main reason. It hired many Southern soldiers to work with it, but the American government deceived us. In fact, for the sake of conscience, the American government should have a little morality to make reparation to the South Vietnamese soldiers, but not maltreat us because the prestige of the American justice, people, and superpower is greater than physical validity. Moreover, the United States is not only keeping its prestige but also its honor, and then it would not betray its allies and maltreat us again. If the South Vietnamese soldiers did not protect the American soldiers when they were fighting with the Vietnamese Communist soldiers, the wounded and dead American soldiers would have increased to more than sixty thousand dead American soldiers in Vietnam. However, the American superpower was a barbaric betrayer; it was an ill bird that fouled its own nest. The American government played foul with the South Vietnamese soldiers and people, so the prestige of the American people declined. The national face of the American superpower was lost in the Vietnamese War. American honor and prestige were destroyed by the American leaders who fought for the throne. Meanwhile, Quang looks like a little louse that lives in the American jacket. It could not bring a deadly fight to the American body, but it makes the American body always itch and worry. If the American wants to kill it, he or she should clearly wash this jacket, or throw it away, because Bright Quang says, �You have only laid the weather and know where the shoe pinches.�
In the case of struggle, Bright Quang knows surely, but does not have use any violence and terror against anyone because the violence and terror belong to the lowest class levels who live in the impolite society. Quang has to use his intelligence and pen to strive with the powerful. Because violence and terror look like a cruel tiger, he only crumbles his enemies. The pen and intelligence of Quang look like super viruses that go inside the backbone, brain, and organs of the cruelest superpowers; they gradually destroy the white cells and red globules. Quang thinks that a bad man seeks revenge within one day, but a great man dares to have revenge for a million years, because Quang has found the American proverb, �The pen is mightier than sword.�
As a result, Quang, a Vietnamese sculptor, ex-political prisoner of conscience, and former lieutenant of the South Vietnamese government, was maltreated by Human Services Agency County of San Mateo because after eighteen years of the American government deceived him and his fellows, he came to the United States. The American government did not have any program to help its ally. The American government and people thought them to look like homeless Americans, illegal migrations of people, criminal Americans, or American mental cases. Therefore, the Human Services Agency of San Mateo County did not want him to enroll at any community college and university in the United States. It trained him to work with a coolie job in Goodwill Industries without salary after it forced him to sign an agreement on the forms because Quang had not understood English well. However, Quang had been working in Goodwill Industries for six months, so his salary was sent to the Human Services Agency of San Mateo County. After that, it donated to him $ 250.00 per month and he received medical care and some food stamps. He thought that his life was much the same as the economic refugees but not political refugees. He thought his life was to be nothing when he decided to leave Vietnam on November 22, 1993, to regain freedom of speech, to protect his ideology, and to recapture a dream. His freedom of speech was like the air he needed to breathe daily in his lungs. The future of his ideology should be like the sky with the sun. If his ideology has no influence from generation to generation, his life would look like a black night. His dream is the course of his life. It is the same as an opening flower on the tree; if the tree does not open its flower, it is nothingness. When he was maltreated by the Human Services Agency of San Mateo County, he complained about his case to the hearing state of California. For example, he marked the invasion and enslavement policies of the United States to the world�s people because struggle is the true character of one of his five noble rights. He wrote:
The United States should make reparation to former Vietnamese-American soldiers because we were terrorized, deceived, and distinguished by the enslaving and invading American policy, because the American government committed the cruelest war crimes in Vietnam.
First of all, in the decade of 1960, President Ngo Dinh Diem negotiated trade with President Ho Chi Minh so Diem could avoid a civilian war in Vietnam. He should be able to shake hands with the Vietnamese Communist government, but the American government did not like this special event. Therefore, in August of 1963, President Kennedy secretly sent a letter to American Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, gave an order to Lodge that he must assassinate President Diem, and applied the American strategy in South Vietnam. After that, the CIA and Ambassador Lodge spent three million dollars, supported a group of South Vietnamese generals so they built a chaotic situation, and overturned the Diem regime; the American government ordered General Nguyen Khanh to sign a bill to welcome the American soldiers to Vietnam because he was a good henchman of the American government. The American government freely controlled all of the Southern generals so they should follow the American government strategy step by step. In the decade of 1960, the American government hurried to send its soldiers to Vietnam, brought the oldest weapons and poisonous biological weapon to destroy Vietnam, and freely bombed Vietnam. The American government did not respect the sovereignty of the Vietnamese people after it assassinated President Diem. The American government terrorized the Vietnamese people through the American Phoenix Program until it was outlawed in the decade of 1970. The CIA was directly involved in assassination attempts against Castro of Cuba and Congolese leader Lumumba. The CIA also encouraged plots that resulted in assassinations of Dominican Republic President Trujillo, South Vietnamese President Diem in 1963 and Chilean Rene Schneider in 1973. Most extensive assassinations were conducted by the Phoenix Operation during the latter part of the Vietnam War.
From the years 1965-68 the United States and the Southern generals maintained an active list of the Vietcong cadres marked for assassination. The American Phoenix Program in 1969 obliterated approximately eighteen hundred Vietcong per month. About one third of the Vietcong targeted were arrested and summarily killed. Security committees were established in provincial interrogation centers to determine the fate of the Vietcong suspects outside of judicial controls. Moreover, one was Project Cherry, tasked to assassinate Cambodian officials suspected of collaborating with Vietnamese Communist cadres. In Vietnam from 1966-73, the American Phoenix Program operated from January of 1968 through May of 1971, and the American soldiers annihilated approximately 20,857 Vietnamese Communist cadres, but the South Vietnamese government recorded approximately 40,999 Vietnamese Communist cadres from August of 1968 through the middle of 1971. The estimate of the South Vietnamese government recorded approximately twelve over four percentages of Vietnamese cadres that were killed by the American Phoenix Operation. A department of defense analyst reports the American soldiers and its henchmen killed approximately six hundred sixteen suspected Vietcong from January of 1970 through March of 1971. In fact, the American government opened the Vietnam War, so the American soldiers killed ninety-five percent of the Vietnamese Communist cadres by American invasion policy. However, the American government became a super deceiver or powerful American betrayer of the Vietnam War when the American government did not organize a counter-offensive against the Vietnamese Communist government like it had counter attacked the North Korean Communist government in the past because the American government did not win all the hearts of the Vietnamese Communist government, but it had to abscond one billion dollars to make reparations to the North Vietnamese Communist government and did not rebuild anything in South Vietnam from the infrastructure to the capital center since the American soldiers had entirely destroyed these; the American government continued to nourish the South Vietnamese people, military, and employees when the South Vietnamese government used a lot of the corrupted leaders. In other words, the main intention of the American government was to consume the oldest weapons and test the newest technological weapons in Vietnam. Therefore, when it had done its strategies, it ran out of Vietnam and was replaced by the American hands-off policy because it realized that the South Vietnamese leaders and generals were more stupid than the animals. Meanwhile, the American government did not recall under the mask of the Eisenhower doctrine, but transferred to a new signboard of its terrorist counter-offensive. In fact, the American government always wished to make a chaotic world because the point of the American government was the white lies deceiving humankind like the Vietnamese people were cheated by them. After the years of 1974-75, the South Vietnamese soldiers drove the Vietnamese Communist guerillas entirely out of the Vietnamese villages in infrastructure, and then the Vietcong returned to the deep highlands. The American government did not let the South Vietnamese government choose its sovereignty because the American government forced the South leaders to follow the American policy. For example, the American government deceived the South Vietnamese soldiers and people. The president of South Vietnam did not want the American soldiers to come Vietnam, the CIA had been terrorized President Diem, ignited the southern people and Buddhist religions that built chaotic situations, and assassinated the president. When the American government wanted to invade Vietnam, it killed the president of South Vietnam; when it had finished, it deleted the regime of South Vietnam. On April 30, 1975 the American government showed its real nature as a barbaric tiger because the cruel American government betrayed thirty million Vietnamese people and nearly one million South Vietnamese soldiers to the Vietnamese Communist government. The American government dared not breathe a word of American democracy, freedom, and Americanism to the South Vietnamese people and worldwide people again. The pity at least of the American government was not show to the dead Vietnamese people, soldiers, and prisoners in the Vietnamese Communist prisons. Moreover, after eighteen years passed, the American government did not dare to receive many ex-political prisoners of conscience in Vietnam; it borrowed the hand of International Human Operation that negotiated with the Vietnamese Communist government and chose the Vietnamese prisoners who lived in the Vietnamese Communist concentration camps over three years. Even though they were its alliance, the American duty and responsibility were the worst because it did not have any help to protect its former allies when its American soldiers fled out of South Vietnam. Next, when the American government bought former South Vietnamese prisoners for the cheapest price at the hand of the Vietnamese Communist government, it brought us to its country, replaced our sufferings to the air�s freedom, and maltreated us. For example, the former South Vietnamese prisoners did not receive any help from the American government. We were assimilated the same as economic migrants, but the American justice system did not know how or why we came here. If the American government did not invade Vietnam, betray us, and deceive the Vietnamese people, we, the former South Vietnamese soldiers and prisoners of conscience would not come to the United States because we had had our wonderful fatherland, freedom, democracy, and free jobs.
Finally, we, the former South Vietnamese ex-political prisoners of conscience, were distinguished by the American government. In fact, according to the human rights of international law which did not allow any country to maltreat, distinguish, and trample down the apolitical prisoners of consciences like us, the American government had deceived us, maltreated, and distinguished us. In addition, in the decade of 1955, the American government support for the cause in South Vietnam was apparent as President Eisenhower sponsored the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, which passed the United States Senate nearly unanimously, with only one dissenting vote.
As the wave of International Communists increased into South Vietnam during the last part of the decade of 1950, President Ho Chi Minh relieved General Vo Nguyen Giap who controlled Vietnamese Communist soldiers operating in South Vietnam with Secretary-General Le Duan, General Nguyen Chi Thanh, and Member of Central Committee of the party Le Duc Tho in 1959. For this reason, when John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960, he told the New York Times, �We have a problem in making our power pertinent and Vietnam looks like the place.� In his inaugural address, he promised, ��to bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend and oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.� Thus, he sharply increased American involvement in South Vietnam, and approved the CIA-backed overthrow of South Vietnam�s President Diem. Many historians agreed that his action morally locked the United States into the war. After his assassination, his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, continued the escalation of the war with military aid, men, and equipment.
In November 1960, the government of South Vietnam�s Ngo Dinh Diem was nearly overthrown. In short, the United States sent increased arms, financial aid, and military advisors to South Vietnam, but no American troops. The newly-elected leader of the United States, President Kennedy, sent retired Army General Maxwell D. Taylor to South Vietnam as special advisor to the president. Since the Vietcong troop strength had approximately grown to 25,000 cadres in South Vietnam during 1961, Taylor recommended increased military intelligence and channels of communication to help the government of the Republic of Vietnam troops. Thus, President Kennedy sharply increased American involvement in South Vietnam, and approved the CIA-backed overthrow of South Vietnam�s President Diem.
Ironically, when President Ho Chi Minh allowed in the American Navy that had been used at Cam Ranh Wharf, he united the American government to fight Japanese Fascists in World War II, so a little American newspaper, educator, and historian wholeheartedly praised Ho Chi Minh who looked like President Washington. They closed their eyes, did analytically not realize the difference between Ho Chi Minh and President Washington, and they adored Ho Chi Minh because of some American newspaper, educator, and historian who combined President Washington with the ruffian Ho Chi Minh as the same men of social duty or merit. General Washington had led the White and Black to fight the British, Spanish, and French superpowers out of the New World, to found a state, and to build the United States; he had become an old American father. Thus, ruffian Ho Chi Minh was a criminal in China, working with the American intelligence, becoming an international Communist member, and he then recopied Communism to apply into Vietnam since Vietnam�s land had been settled over four thousand years ago. The Vietnamese ancestors had expelled their foreign enemies out of Vietnam, but Ho Chi Minh welcomed foreignism to Vietnam, destroyed the Vietnamese land, and put back the Vietnamese people to the Neolithic Age. The combination of the American newspaper, educator, and historian was wrong when they should be able to support the American invasion policy of the Vietnam War, so they were ready for a sell-out of their American father�s honor. The American government was not only deceiving the world and American people but also cheating the Vietnamese people and soldiers through the peace treaty in Vietnam on January 27, 1973. As we knew the American soldiers operated in Vietnam War, their duty and responsibility were much the same as the South Vietnamese soldiers. The American soldiers returned to their country; they had received adequate benefits. However, the former South Vietnamese soldiers came to the United States, but the American government dishonored us because the American government, justice, and Congress did not provide any help to us. For example, Quang was a Vietnamese sculptor, poet, and ex-political prisoner of conscience. He came to the United States, and was trained a coolie. When he claimed his status to the California Department of Social Services, he did not agree to train for a coolie job like the illiterate, criminal, and mental Americans because his position was different from them. Administrative law judge David Gilson told him, �Did you see many Russian doctors? When they came here they worked to look like you, they did not have any complaint, and you complain to us?� He replied, �Many Russian doctors were different than me because they were oppressed by their Communist leader when the American soldiers did not invade their country, and the American government did not distinguish them. I came here because the American government invaded my country, terrorized the Vietnamese people, and deceived us and the Vietnamese people. For that reason, I came to the United States in order to request the justice, equality, and reparation of your government to me. You did not know to your government had betrayed and distinguished me. When your government came to Vietnam, it promised many things and solemnly took an oath that said, �We are loyal with you, and we should fight Communism out of your country.� However, you have currently seen my father�s and Vietnamese land and people already. Now that I come here, your government trains to be the lowest class levels of the United States. I value my face and national prestige more than a dirty job or the dirty American dollar.�
Therefore, by every means of struggle with the American government, Bright Quang had painted a South Vietnamese soldier�s picture that he was hogtied when his legs and hands were locked with the American chain and his neck was pilloried by the American flag. He noted some words, �The greatest hope of American society is individual character. Therefore, my life is not to be a brick, which lies under the dirty mud. Instead, I see my life as a brick, which supports to building of American democracy.�
What, Bright Quang, is the right of independence that is the way of Heaven and Earth given to us. We are the same as the body; in other words, we are human beings, so each person has his or her own independent way and we have the inviolable rights of man. Therefore, we each have our own life, own house, and own idea, so our independence should not bother others. Quang has set up his life in four steps. For example, when he was young, he only studied. Even though in his father�s life time there has been many changes in the village, his father continued to meet the foreign invasion wars which begot misery. Therefore Quang was born into a new generation in the country and had a deep affinity with nature and war, but Quang set up his own life when he thought that, �It�s a happy family where the children surpass their parents.� He opened a new road when Quang said, �The great end of my life is not money, but this is my own knowledge.� His first step was spent to study hard when he graduated from the university. Quang created a poem, and named it
�My Pen�:
My pen never kneels under violence,
Unfairness and barbarism
My pen always strives for the freedom,
Public service and humanity
My pen should not have to attend
Any political parties
My pen struggles from the lowest to the highest
My pen must protect the weakest
When exploited by the powerful,
Humanity is crushed under the communist dream
Mt pen speaks out of my innermost restlessness.
My pen cannot service any the cruel magnates.
My pen praises
In my love�s paradise
If my pen may die speared
By the barbarous swords, that is my glory
As the wicked king dies in public revolution, my pen
How proud it is of what it has done.
He transferred to the second step when he fell in love with some girls because he should see the oldest welcome the newest. Therefore his marriage could be decided for him, he did not want his parents to choose his wife for because he thought and said, �Happiness grows at my own fireside, and is not to be picked in strangers� gardens.� Then his parents accepted his idea, but he was not to choose free love or a loose life or a high life. Bright Quang said, �If my life did not have any honor, I become a dirty rock which lies under deep mud.� His third step fought for his position; he lives on Earth where there is nothing great but man; in man there is nothing great but mind. Therefore, he wishes to have position; he ought to cultivate a virtue, better knowledge, and enlarging understanding, but he did not suck up all the juice from someone or a poor one to build his position. Finally, his four steps were ideological because he has thought his ideology looked like a seed when the tree has gone, but its seed will grow up and blossom again. Therefore he said,
�Many great men remind us,
We can make our lives sublime.
When we depart, what will we leave behind?
It should be more than footprints in the sands of time.�
Why does Bright Quang wish to own a house? Because there�s nothing better than independence and freedom; if he did not have any house his independence and freedom were lost. For example, a man did not own a house. He rented a house or apartment, followed many laws of a landlord, and he should be evicted from the house if he commits a little act against the landlord. Many American people did not own any house. They were suffering when they faced all the consequences of the landlord. If their rent was paid late to the landlord after the first five days of the month, the landlord warned them. Therefore, the American government created many difficult housing laws with a view to tie their independence. Because a super way of the American government sucks up all the juice from the poor, the American government is richer than other countries in the world, but its people own fewer houses than the worldwide people. The American people were exploited by their government, but they did not know it. Their lives became nothing better in all. Only the magnates have independence more than the poor Americans. Quang said, �I would rather live independently in my little hut than in the luxurious building when my independence is lost.� Finally, even though Quang lives in the United States where it is rich, modern, and free, his own eyes see that the American government is not perfect, it has more defects needing to be overcome. However, it will die of in the decade of 2245 because Heaven and Earth could decide already. Of course, his Road to the United States of America looks like a slight light has been shining at the end of the dark tunnel, and he is hopeful it would shine on the peaceful path of the whole world in the future where humankind will not have any hate and war.
Redwood City, March 18, 2005

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