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Road to the United States

Man of Suffering Shares His Light with the World

Two New Books Reveal One Man’s True Experiences as Immigrant, Artist and Political prisoner

Redwood City, California- Those who dare to take a stand and act on their beliefs often find themselves in a lonely place, subjected to ridicule and persecution. Bright has traveled that road for most of his life, from his war-torn homeland of Vietnam to the shores of America. He shares his remarkable story and unique views on life in two books: Road to the United States Part I and Part 2 (both available through Author-house).

“I have forgiven others often, but I have never forgiven myself,” writes Quang. His books chronicle more than 50 years of hardships suffered as a result of war and hated of others. At the same time, they deliver thought-provoking ideological views and predictions of a future America that Quang has gathered from his observations of political, economic and sociological factors in a rapidly changing world.

Quang relates his early education and artistic training, and mixed with these anecdotes are horrifying accounts of his family’s brush with communist spies and his own experience as a political prisoner. After living in Saigon in the 1980 s, Quang “inched toward escape,” eventually making his way to the United States. Along the way, he recorded his observations and distilled these into stories and poetry.

The concluding chapters of this two-part series address his decision to come to the United States and the opportunities and future struggles he faced. Quang also includes and analysis of many facets of American life and predictions for the fate of the country.

Historical background, social and political analysis and guidelines on how to live a virtuous life all await readers’ discovery in two intriguing books: Road to the Unites States part I and Part 2.

Bright Quang is the pen name for Nguyen Xuan Quang. Born in Quang Ngai City, Vietnam, he immigrated to America in 1993 under the Humanitarian Operation program. He graduated from Hue College of Arts in Hue City, Vietnam, and later, from the University of Police in Saigon. He earned an associate’s degree in art at Canada College in Redwood City, Calif., and a bachelor’s degree from California State University in Hayward. An award-winning poet and artist, he has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States. He has previously published books in both English and Vietnamese, and the titles include Poetry & Art.

   F rom October 13 to November 12, 1998, Mr. Bright Quang had been exhibiting five of his sculptures and his book of Poetry & Art at Canada College, under the sponsorship of his Canada College. The sculptor’s Guilds of Half Moon Bay and Belmont, California, together are sponsoring a display of “Today, Studying; Tomorrow, Growing Up” at State of Florida and the University of Chicago. It might have been there October 15, 1998 until October 15, 2000.

In Witness of the Vietnam War

His book is published by PublishAmerica company in the United States of America.

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Hayward Art Council Member From Vietnam Will Read His Poetry By : Emma Krasov : 7/12/06

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Hayward Art Council Member From Vietnam Will Read His Poetry
By : Emma Krasov : 7/12/06
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Bright Quang, an artist, author of two books and a poet will present his poetry at the Green Shutter Art Gallery next week. “Those who dare to take a stand and act on their beliefs often find themselves in a lonely place, subjected to ridicule and persecution. Bright Quang has traveled that road for most of his life, from his war-torn homeland of Vietnam to the shores of America,” wrote Winnie Thompson, a CV resident and the president of Diablo/Alameda Branch of Pen Women.
Bright Quang, whose full name is Nguyen Xuan Quang, was born in 1948, in Vietnam. From 1965 to 1973, the Vietnamese Civil War had taken the lives of his father and his four brothers.
“I felt like a fish out of water and like a lost dog that was wandering in the market of the war without pity,” said Quang about that time.
According to Quang, when he saw the Vietnamese people suffering from war and crime, he reluctantly became a Vietnamese spy, working with the police intelligence center in Quang Ngai City, and the CIA.
In 1966, he was inserted into the Vietnamese Communist zone. In 1971, he opened his art studio in Quangngai City, and in 1973 enrolled in the Police University in Saigon.
Meanwhile, he became a lieutenant of South Vietnamese government, and in 1975 was sent to the Vietnamese communist concentration camps through 1981.
In 1981 he escaped to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), where his wife and children joined him in 1985.
At that time, Quang created a bronze sculpture he named “Peace,” depicting a nude male with a broken AK47 rifle.
“This work symbolizes a Vietnamese who loves peace, and refuses to fight for the communist cause,” said Quang
When the sculpture was proposed to a committee of art in Saigon, one of the committee members commented, “The young man broke the Soviet-made rifle instead of breaking the American M-16 rifle.” The committee rejected Quang’s proposal.
In 1993, the author, as a former prisoner of conscience, was allowed to migrate to the United States. He carried the statue with him to the airport. The communist security officer at the Tan Son Nhat airport did not allow him to take it out of the country.
“Humanity is crushed under the communist dream,” wrote Quang in his poem, “My Pen.”
In 2003, Quang received his Bachelor of Art Degree at Cal State East Bay, and was exhibiting his artwork at numerous solo and group art shows.
Among his honors and awards there is a letter from President Bill Clinton, International Poet of Merit Silver Award Bowl, given in 2001 by Poetry.com, and Editor’s Choice Award by Poetry.com and the International Library of Poetry.
Quang is currently a member in good standing of the International Society of Poets, and the Hayward Arts Council, which is pleased to feature his free poetry reading on Saturday, July 22, at 4 p.m. in the Green Shutter Gallery.
Green Shutter Gallery is located at 22654 Main Street, Hayward, CA 94541. 538-2787.

   In the fall of 1998, looking at destruction of two United States Embassies caused by terrorists, the sculptor created yet another work and named it “Control”. Constructed with a steel frame, granite, sand and cement, it speaks eloquently of his feelings. The figure shows the earth held in two fingers, only love controls the future. Mr. Bright Quang dreams of his world where everywhere there is no hatred, suppression, violence or destruction by war, a world of love for all people on earth where everyone can live peacefully, without hatred or suppression.

I Seek Me

His book is published by PublishAmerica company in the United States of America.
Product Description

"I Seek Me, a book of short stories from Bright Quang, is recalling for the American ethics reform because he is honest, best and innocent as an American citizen. He has been discriminated for the long run by the American courts in California. Significantly, he thinks his life is not unlike a rock that lies under the stream when the water runs on it. His ideology realizes self-struggles are glorious, greater than the wealth since one is abased in one's self. He has said the value of a nation, in the long run, and along-beside of value, is character composing it, so he has owned places in the earth, and is as important as a few admiration, even if he'd chosen to be so or not. Therefore, seeing young wild grass rising up to the sun, his human dignity is not trampled down by the power."
Bright has four thoughts when Bright would like to offer all of my readers:

Looks within and finds one's self
Looks around and finds reality
Looks forward and sees hope
And looks back and gets experience.