Voice of Wisdom

Biography (back of book cover)

Voice of Wisdom by Bright Quang is a children's book in which the author wishes to communicate his special experiences to the younger children who desire to be sublime men in the future. In fact, the brains of younger children look like white pages without words, so Voice of Wisdom is especially impressed to children's brain by a first life's pen. Extensively, if everyone requests their children to be perfect men, everyone should mobilize the children to read this book because we are correctly bending a young tree that is more easy than an older one.

Civil Rights of Us

Biography (back of book cover)

Civil Rights of us of a novel story of Bright Quang, hes creative this story when he has been collected so much material evidence and witness of from the lowest to the highest of American society for many years. Let him show exactly views, he would struggle with injustice that those have relative to his honest life when hes said; Wisdom must be won the injustice power. The citizen has making general elections, paying full taxes and not violating any crimes. Thus, the good citizen should be equal before the court systems without discriminate races. Obviously, the rightness or the wrongness of a good citizen, his or her case is belonged of the courts that decided, but not belonged of clerk of the United States Justice Department. He says, Perform justice, which is peaceful, but anti-justice, as demagogy. Moreover, we live in modern society when we are self struggling to seek the justice within our sharp pen, we are glorious more than everything in our lives. Finally, the best citizen is expressed by the voice of wisdom without violations if the good citizen should be loyal to its national American and American people.

Civil Rights of Us

Biography (back of book cover)

Bright Quang, hes been creative for the fifteen books into the English language when he is poet, sculptor and specialist painter. Significantly, he's prisoner of conscience of the Vietnam War, come to the U. S., in November 23, 1993, graduated Bachelor Degree and Nonprofit Management in CSU Hayward, East Bay.

How Good Should I Dream

Biography (back of book cover)

Bright Quang, a Vietnamese American artist, poet and writer, maintained his love for art and poetry. The Vietnamese lieutenant imprisoned him. He came to the United States on November 22, 1993 under the Humanitarian Operation program (H.O/20), which was designed to bring in former political prisoners from Vietnam. He now resides in Redwood City, California, the U.S. He was born in Quang Ngai Province, and graduated from the Tran Quoc Tuan High School in 1968. He was admitted to the Hue College of Art and earned a degree in art in 1971. He earned an AA degree in 2001, and Bachelor's degree at California State University, East Bay, Hayward, in 2003, and a certificate in Nonprofit Management in CSU, East Bay in 2012. Bright Quang specialized in paint and in sculpture using plaster,copper, brass, wood, stone, wire and cement to create figures of human beings and animals. Significantly, his books were cast into the shelf history of Vietnam War.

How Good Should I Dream, the longest of warble, is body, spirit and mind. The author is living in the full complex civilization within gold and brass merge each other, but author has left behind of all things. The author would like to look into his society when the author has learnt four thoughts: Looks within and finds one's self. Looks around and finds reality. Looks forward and sees hope. And Looks back and gets experience. Significantly, made good citizen should first dedicate one's self to nation and human beings and then, one is devoted to the service of art and culture. Next, the literature used would win few of the hearts of the barbarians, let's shall get back to the good, the beautiful and the true. Finally, the worldwide would be peaceful, so all over the place will not have any wars and animosities.

By Bright Quang, size 24"X30"; oil on canvas

Animosity and Love - Google Books Result Bright Quang - 2008 - Biography & Autobiography - 468 pages

Bright Quang Said:

"Book is a master key opening the humanity treasure."

Bright Quang Said:

There are rebellious ministers, generals and heroes
There are lost people, land and just cause

Bright Quang said:

The great hope of America society is individual character.
Therefore, my life is not to be a brick, which lies under dirty mud. Instead, I see my life as a brick, which supports the building of the American democracy.

Artist's Life

"Art of ambitious heart is artist's life, said Bright Quang."


"Our United States Constitution is distracted the oath loyalty by traitors, said Bright Quang."

If You always Live

"If you always live with men who are warlike, you'll be become a barbarous man, Bright Quang said."

An Human Person

"The grass-tree aims to the sun, so human person must be moral truth, said Bright Quang."

A Painting's Art

"Your wonderful painting is an historical book of present's civilization time, Bright Quang said."

Love of us

"The string of love is volunteered dedication to each other without compulsion, said Bright Quang."

Bright Quang Said:

"An honest book is valued more than a barbarous leader."

Bright Quang said:

Wisdom must be won the injustice power.

Bright Quang said:

"Book is a master key that opens the treasure of human being."

Bright Quang said:

"Holy light of heart symbolizes for faithful love."

Bright Quang said:

"Justice is the great sublime that is highest expressed dignity by the United States Constitution."

Bright Quang said:

What can he do for his United States Bill of Rights, Declaration of Rights of California Constitution and International treaties Universal Declaration of Human Rights to approve him execute of his value sublime of democracy, freedom and justice to the reasons why is because of his civil rights seem no protective to his clear spirit value matter to lose let him seek protectiveness who has an effectual awareness of the matter for carrying out since of his patriots affidavit loyalty under the United States Flag?

Bright Quang said:

"Democracy of the powerful is not truthful."

Bright Quang said:

Capitalism will be bankrupted by the distrust

Bright Quang said:

Distort justice is national traitor.

Bright Quang said:

"The voices of the weak people are patriotic."

Bright Quang said:

"Perform justice, which is peaceful."

Bright Quang said:

"Anti-justice, as demagogy."

Bright Quang said:

"Bright Quang's books communicate his ideologies to human beings,
These look like rose-petals throwing down the Grand Canyon.
Bright Quang's books are of immortalized of the wise accumulation.
He's ll wait for his offspring who will be hearing the echoes."

Bright Quang said

Make civil citizen is better more than a barbarous politician , said Bright Quang

Bright Quang said

Justice is long lasting, but power has a short life

to Live an idle life

In the small bamboo garden
He secretly lives
The wharf of literature
His pen acts willfully
He draws pictures in the spring
When hes enjoying in blossom
There are butterflies
Summer, he sculpts some figures
Autumn, he creates so many poems
In the winter is the frozen
He drinks some cups of wine
Hes reviewed his life in the past
What good and ill have he sown?
Hed not make the worst soldier
Let him follow a way of immorality
Of inhuman leaders
He takes up his torch
A dark moonless night
When he releases an ethical way
That realizes ones ambition

My Pen

My pen never kneels under violence,
Unfairness and barbarism
My pen always strives for the freedom,
Public service and humanity
My pen should not have to attend
Any political parties
My pen struggles from the lowest to the highest
My pen must protect the weakest
When exploited by the powerful,
Humanity is crushed under the communist dream
Mt pen speaks out of my innermost restlessness.
My pen cannot service any the cruel magnates.
My pen praises
In my love paradise
If my pen may die speared
By the barbarous swords, that is my glory
As the wicked king dies in public revolution, my pen

Translated Vietnamese language:
Ti, Bright Quang,B.A., đ v đang xuất bản nhiều loại sch truyền những l tưởng cao đẹp của dn tộc Việtnam đến nhiều đa chủng việc lm đ giống như thả những cnh hoa hồng tuyệt đep xuống vực su thǎm thẳm v chờ đến lớp hậu sinh của chng ti n sẽ nghe những tiếng ầm vang dội lại từ vực su thẳm đ

Bright Quang Said:

" Love is of valued more than everything in our-lives
If the one's without love who looks like a dead tree."

Bright Quang Said:

We communicate morality to our children
The morality does not only make them happiness
But also builds their lives perfect
The morality is to be noble more than gold and money

Bright Quang Said:

Lịch sử khng cho người chiến bại
Tự huynh hoang l kẻ anh hng
He is no more big talk to be heroic man
As history is not given to suffer heavy defeat of soldier

Bright Quang Said:

A idea of truth is valued more than a ton of gold.

Road to the United States: Part 1
Bright Quang / Paperback / Authorhouse / March 2006
Our Price: $34.99 Usually ships within 24 hours


Canada College
May 9, 1997


Bill Clinton

Road to the United States: Part 2
Bright Quang / Paperback / Authorhouse / March 2006
Our Price: $34.99 Usually ships within 24 hours

Marriage and Religion. PublishedAmerica /Author: Bright Quang /Format: hardcover ISBN: 978-1-60749-743-1 ...item#:0054

Animosity & Love. Authorhouse /Author: Bright Quang /Format: Paperback ISBN:978-1-4387-2617-9

Bright Quang / Paperback / in 2001
Our Price: $10.99 Usually ships within 24 hours

< align="center"

Poetry Fable- Dinosaur Love:
Bright Quang / Paperback /PublishedAmerica/In the United States of America, 2003
Approximate 27,000 sentences into the English language
Our Price: $44.99 Usually ships within 24 hours

My Inner-most Song:
Bright Quang / Paperback / in 2000
Approximate 200 pages into Vietnamese language
Our Price: $14.99 Usually ships within 24 hours

Vietnamese American Arts:
Bright Quang / hardcover /Authorhouse published by May 06, 2011
Approximate 100 pages into English language
Our Price: $33.85 Usually ships within 24 hours

In Witness of the Vietnam War. PublishAmerica /Author: Bright Quang /Format: Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4560-3211-1

I Seek Me. PublishAmerica /Author: Bright Quang /Format: Paperback ISBN: 978-146-267-7030

A Lyric Not Sent . Outskirts Press /Author: Bright Quang /Format: Paperback ISBN-10: 1432797379.ISBN-13: 978-1432797379

How Good Should I Dream. Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc /Author: Bright Quang /Format: Paperback ISBN-13: 9781478717249


Gift to My Dear. Publisher: Publish America, Inc /Author: Bright Quang /Format: Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-62970-709-3

Publication Day: 12/20/2013<114 pages>

The Gift. Publisher: AUTHORHOUSE, Inc /Author: Bright Quang /Format: Paperback ISBN-13: 9781491839287

Publication Day: 12/27/2013< pages 190>

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